Competition Bulletin #CB2013-007

Subject: Endurance Race Pit Stops
From: Raymond Snowdon, Competition Director

Competition Bulletin #CB2013-007 (PDF)

In order to further overall safety during SVRA Endurance Races, SVRA is revising the Pit Stop regulations. Pit stops, other than the specified Mandatory Stops, may be made and will not be counted as an Mandatory Stop, as long as the driver’s crew immediately notifies an SVRA Pit Lane Official. This notification must be made prior to the completion of the driver’s out lap from that particular stop. If SVRA officials are not immediately notified, this “stop” will be counted as “Mandatory” with no recourse.

In order to aid in this notification process, SVRA Pit Lane Officials will now be easily identified by LIME GREEN VESTS with SVRA on the front

This revision in pit stop procedure is meant to allow a driver to pit quickly for a safety or small mechanical issue and not be penalized for this type of stop.

Please review the full, revised Pit Stop regulations, as listed in the SVRA ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP RULES, dated April 1, 2013, on the SVRA website or in your SVRA driver event packet.