B-Sedan Challenge

Regional and National B-Sedan and B-Sedan Lite Series
Sponsored by SVRA

Sample Competition Passport

B-Sedan Challange BSC19.03 (pdf)

The B-Sedan Challenge series is designed to celebrate the history of small-bore sedans. Small-bore production cars have been a mainstay in sports car racing and their popularity grew into one of the greatest series in American racing history, Trans-Am!

The goal of the series is to provide close competitive racing for small-bore sedans that competed from January 1966 to October 1979 in Trans-Am, SCCA B-Sedan and IMSA RS. Due to the time period, the numerous rule upgrades and speed enhancements that occurred throughout the original SCCA 2.5 Challenge, to B-sedan’s final years, adjustments have been made by the series officials of the B-Sedan Challenge to make all of the vehicles entered as competitive as possible, while adhering to the “Spirit of Vintage Racing,” in the hope of creating large competitive fields of cars. The goal is to have safe, close racing among all makes and models.

The B-Sedan Challenge is a nationwide series made up of multiple regions. There will be Regional and National Series Champions. For the 2019 season the National Series Championship race will be held at the US Vintage Racing National Championship at Circuit of The Americas (COTA) in November. Each regional championship will be determined by points and awards given out at the Saturday night banquet at COTA. The B-Sedan Challenge National Championship winners will be crowned on Sunday. There will be a podium for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in finishing order and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall series points champion’s podium.

The B-Sedan Challenge series is open to all cars like those that competed in the 1966 to 1979 B-Sedan Trans-Am series including both the SCCA 2.5 and IMSA format. Two classes of cars will compete: Traditional B-Sedan cars, and B-Sedan Lite. The wording “2.5” was and is in place to open the series up to specific cars like Ford models which have 2.3 liter motors as stock equipment with the weight of the car corresponding to the nominal displacement of the engine, this is meant to equalize the field. For the complete original rules and a list of all eligible cars refer to the 1972-1979 SCCA GCR’s.

All rules in this document supersede any original or other set of rules where applied. For any odd engine or car specifications please contact the National Director for approval.