Official SVRA License School

Kaizen Autosport
1131 North Paddock Lane
Virginia International Raceway
Alton, VA 24520

– Kaizen Autosport licensing school is designed for everyone with options to bring your own car, rent a track-prepped sportscar, or rent a modern downforce racecar
– 2-Day Program at Virginia International Raceway with onsite lodging and dining
– Participants will receive SVRA license with first year free upon successful completion

– Limited to maximum of 12 drivers for personalized immersive instruction
– Curriculum focuses on improving mental and physical skills to drive fast and race
– School utilizes advanced simulators, skidpad, autocross, and technical south course
– Program gives drivers a comprehensive in depth knowledge covering:

– Mental: judgment, focus, situational awareness, managing errors
– Cognitive: going faster, learning the line, data analysis, finding the limit
– Physical: technique for accelerating, braking, shifting, cornering, car rotation
– Car Control: vehicle dynamics, weight transfer, balance, managing oversteer
– Car Setup: pre-race checklist, suspension, tires, brake bias, downforce
– Track: circuit analysis to learn line, prioritize corners, braking point, corner exit
– Racing: course procedures, etiquette, flags, starting, passing, race craft

– Instruction is immersive with coach demonstrations, ride-alongs, data analysis to pro

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