Many decisions and changes to our processes and procedures have been made to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, customers and partners.  Following is a set of procedures developed to support the event operations and protect the health of workers and attendees. Responsible action by all of us will help ensure we can continue to race.


  • People participating in or working at the event must be healthy, with no fever, flu symptoms or other illnesses. Temps checked upon arrival, don’t come if you are sick.  Masks are required anytime you are less than 6 feet from our staff


  • Communication to event staff and participants prior the event that includes changes to procedures and processes to maintain safety
  • Strong messaging re: making sure the people brought to the track are not ill or running a fever
  • Call with event staff, event medical personnel and track personnel to review sanitizing and protection procedures

Staff Preparation


  • Regular hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol-supplies readily available
  • Staff temps checked before starting event
  • Working areas sanitized regularly
  • Sanitizing materials staged at all specialty locations

Staff dress when interacting with participants:

  • Gloves and Masks  – all staff
  • Shields – Registrars, Tech staff when conducting Tech inspections
  • Social Distancing – 6 feet whenever possible
  • NO handshaking or touching
  • No community coolers


  • Social Distancing to be followed during the process
  • Supply masks to rig drivers if they don’t have them


  • Driver bands to be made visible to grid personnel to maintain Social Distancing
  • Generous space between cars to maintain crew’s Social Distancing


  • Registrars to wear masks, gloves, shields
  • Hand sanitizer at every window
  • Window ledge wiped down after each person
  • Social Distancing on both sides of windows
  • Each entrant will be given a pen, mask and personal hand sanitizer
  • Medical info for registration submitted on-line — no hard copies
  • Event Programs will be digital and can be downloaded to the SVRA and Trans Am apps
  • Forehead thermometers available


  • Only one crew member per car while going through the tech line
  • Limits to be placed on how many cars and team members can be in tech
  • Tech chief to meet with team personnel outside of trailer
  • Tech tools sanitized several times a day
  • Social Distancing applies to those pulling Timing Results from Results bin
  • Radios wiped down each evening when returned

Driver Meetings

  • Done via services like “Zoom” at pre-determined and published times
  • Helmet stickers no longer used

Timing and Scoring

  • Ensure area is sanitized each day (includes computers, printers, cables, etc.)
  • Practice Social Distancing when in T&S room
  • Post results to SVRA App and website to reduce need for hard copy results

Race Control

  • Ensure area is sanitized each day
  • Practice Social Distancing when in Race Control room

Pace Car

  • No pace car rides
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  • “No Contact” trophy presentations
  • Medals sanitized and put into individual bags
  • Water and medals placed on table for pickup
  • Only podium finishers in the podium area with steps placed 6 ft apart
  • Family and team members not allowed on podium, needs to maintain Social Distancing

Car Show

  • Cars lined up at least 6 ft apart
  • Car information card filled out by entrant


  • No Banquets or large gatherings allowed until Social Distancing rules are lifted

Corner Worker/Emergency Services

  • Chief Steward to meet with corner workers and emergency services staff to ensure they understand and  follow Social Distancing and safety processes and procedures.
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In Case of Illness During the Event

  • Isolate the person
  • Work with Track Medical or Ambulance personnel to obtain medical assistance
  • Work with SVRA team to sanitize area person was working in
  • Sanitize area person was isolated in once they have been treated
  • SVRA team to notify Race Director and President of situation