Venue Information & Driver Guidelines

September 8 – 11, 2016
Watkins Glen International – Watkins Glen, NY

Pre-Event Items

SVRA reviews the Vintage Motorsports Council infraction list and/or a history of driver issues, probation or suspension may negate entry for this event. The Race Director and the Event Committee will make this determination if warranted.

Hotel Reservation Service:Available in the lodging section of the Guest Guide on the Watkins Glen International website.

This event is open to competitors that hold a current competition license, have racing privileges from a VMC recognized racing organization or other racing organization whose license is accepted by the SVRA. Bring with you your licenses, ID, medical form and any other documents that you may need to submit for driving privilidges. If you have questions, contact Alex Miller ( SVRA National Licensing Director.

SVRA Rules Compliance for Car Type, Group and Class:
This event is operated under SVRA Vintage Rules. It is the responsibility of the entrant to understand and comply with all of the relevant rules of SVRA. This is especially important regarding Fuel Cell requirements, Competition Bulletins, Technical Bulletins, Safety Requirements and Tire Regulations for your particular race group. Race Car Compliance Forms, Engine Cert. Forms, and car photos need to be submitted to ( by August 22nd. Car compliance issues must be addressed with Rick Parent, SVRA Technical Director, prior to the event.

Head and Neck Restraints: Mandatory at all SVRA events, head and neck restraint systems must meet SFI 38.1 or FIA Certification 88582002 standards. For questions contact (

Make sure that your car is equipped with a transponder. The transponder number needs to be submitted with your entry. Please mount the transponder in an accessible location and make it available during the Tech Inspection. A limited number of rental units are available. Contact Janet Harhay ( no later than August 26th if you need to rent one.

Tow Hooks/Straps:
Every car for this event must have at least a Front Tow-Hook or on-board strap to facilitate a flat towing should the need arise.

Event Basics

Driver Packets:
Driver packages are provided at SVRA Registration.

A Provisional Schedule and a Test Day Schedule is posted on the U.S. Vintage Grand Prix event page. The provisional schedule will be updated frequently. An Official Schedule will be included in the driver packets. SVRA reserves the right to change/modify this schedule without notice. With many multi-car owner entrants, we have tried to limit the amount of back-to-back sessions that occur.

Staging of Haulers:
PLAN AHEAD! If you are planning to park with another hauler, rig etc., meet somewhere prior to arriving at the track and come into the staging area together. There will be NO “saving” of paddock spaces.

Registration Office:
SVRA Registration will be located in the WGI Registration building located outside of the track.

Load-In and Registration Hours:
Load-In and Registration hours will be posted on the Event Schedule. An initial Load-In will begin on Thursday September 8th at 7:00am. If you arrive at the event staging lot after the posted hours, you will not have facility access until the following day.

Go first to Registration. Participants and/or crew must be credentialed before loading into the facility. Load-In is “first come/first in”. Rigs/entrants will be met by an SVRA escort and guided into the paddock, RV or Garage lot parking. Load-In is a process, please be considerate of the staff and be patient.

Paddock Regulations and Information:
This event is a “show” and our paddock needs to be set up to be spectator friendly. To accomplish this paddock spaces will accommodate ONLY a hauler or trailer plus applicable awning. Each entrants is given and allowed (1) Car Pass. The car pass only identifies you as a participant. All vehicles must be parked in the designated Parking locations. This includes pickups on any other vehicle that has been separated from its trailer or hauler. Once you disconnect from your trailer, individual cars, pickups, trucks, RV, bus, etc. are not allowed to park in your paddock location. (Does not apply to “Special Needs” passes).

Hauler/Rig Parking:
If you want to park together, come to the track together. The Paddock Marshall has total authority over this load-in process. Once parked, haulers may not move to another paddock location. If you have any special needs let SVRA parking staff know. If you are leaving early you will be given space in a paddock location with easier egress. RVs, buses, etc that accompany the entrant but is not the tow vehicle are NOT PERMITTED to park in the paddock area.

Empty-trailer Parking:
An area will be designated and marked as the empty trailer parking.

Paddock Access/Drop-offs:
This event is a “show” and our paddock needs to be set up to be spectator friendly. It is understood that there may be a need to bring a vehicle into the paddock to drop off people/equipment/supplies. Once this is done, the vehicle must then be immediately parked in the appropriate parking areas. This allowance into the paddock is done as a courtesy. Cars, pickups etc. may be towed out of the paddock areas not parked in the proper areas.

Special Needs:
Entrants with special parking needs should come to Registration with their request. Full access will be offered to those who have Handicap designations on driver’s licenses or display card.

RV and Toter Parking:
RV spaces can be reserved by contacting Watkins Glen. There are hookups in Pit Road RV only. RV servicing can be arranged through Jeff’s On-Site Services (607-535-9530)

Garages are available for rent from SVRA
Interested parties should contact Kim Hoxie, SVRA Registrar ( or Kathy Swinford, SVRA Concierge (

Tent Requests:
Tents can be rented by contacting Joe Green (

Showers are available in the paddock on the corner of Richardson and Wedgewood.

Paddock Support Vehicles, Golf Cart Rentals:
Golf carts/pit vehicles require a permit from Watkins Glen which can be obtained at the Operations Center for $50.

Paddock pit speed is 10 mph or idle:
This is a public event with many spectators. Speed violators will be referred to the race director.

Paddock Care:
The paddock asphalt may not be punctured by anchors, stake, jack stands, etc. To secure awnings use weights, water buckets, etc. (Do not use N2 bottles). Some type of trailer tongue rest must be used to prevent damage to the asphalt. Spills, leaks, liquids, etc. must be cleaned up quickly and properly. Drip pans are suggested under vintage cars. The WGI staff will monitor the paddocks on a regular basis. You may be charged for any paddock or facility damages.

Race Tire Support:
Participants may order race tires for at track delivery mounting and balancing from Bob Woodman Tires or SascoSports.

Race Fuel:
Sunoco and VP are the track suppliers for fuel. VP has 100 octane unleaded and 112 Octane leaded in in-ground tanks at the VP depot at the track.

Catering can be arranged through Leigh Clearwater (

For non-participants/spectators are available at Watkins Glen’s main gate or

No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the Hot Pit area at any time.

Security and Emergency:
Please remember that this is a public event with many spectators. Valuables should be kept out of sight and locked up. If you leave your trailer or vehicle, lock it and take your keys.

Supplied by Air Gas.

On Site at Operations Center.

Fire Extinguishers:
Each competitor must have at least one (1) portable dry chemical fire extinguisher with at least a 12BC rating available in his/her paddock space and pit box area.

Pets are allowed in the campground only and must be on a 6’ leash at all times. Cleanup is manda-tory and care should be taken regarding heat and noise.

Located in the garages by the paddock concession stand and at the Pyramid souvenir stand.

Address packages shipped to the track as follows:

Watkins Glen International
US Vintage Grand Prix
Team Name and Phone Number
2790 County Rd 16
Watkins Glen, NY 14891