Indy Legends Charity Pro-Am On-Track Insurance

Feature Race Insurance for Car Owners

We recognize and appreciate the risks associated with sharing your car in the Indy Legends Charity Pro-Am feature race. Working with Heacock Classic we can offer an opportunity to purchase On-Track Collision insurance for your vehicle while participating in the Pro-Am feature race. The insurance offers coverage for your vehicle during the Pro-Am Practice, Qualifying and Race sessions. This is for the Pro-Am only, and does not apply to non-Pro-Am on-track sessions.

Following is an outline of the coverage offered:

• Driver and Chassis – As specifically registered for the event by 6/14/17
• $15K each car in excess of $5K for each and every accident
• General Labor of $50/hour for a maximum of 100 hours per car
• Included in the sum insured is loss or damage to the gearbox castings, gearbox and cover, adaptor and bellhousing in respect of accident and/or fire damage
Excludes impact damage to engine and transmission
Excludes tax and shipping

The price for this insurance is $650 per car and must be obtained by June 14, 2017. Click on the link above to purchase now. If you have questions about this insurance program, please email Christine Beaumier, – Heacock Classic Insurance, or call Kathy Swinford at 817-521-5158 for assistance.

Note: If less than $5,000.00 in damage there is no payout. If over $5,000.00 in damage you receive full payout up to $15,000.00 from the first $1.00.

This in an option but NOT mandatory for you to purchase.