2017 First National Driver’s School In Savannah & Bob Williams Heritage Cup Races

February 17 - 19, 2017 | Roebling Road Raceway - Bloomingdale, GA

New to the this years schedule is a SVRA drivers school. The weekend school is designed to provide prospective vintage racers an accelerated, cost effective path to getting a vintage racing license, whilst coming away from the track ready to go wheel-to-wheel racing. The entire weekend pays homage to “old school” vintage racing and events with throwback races and low-pressure club feel.

The “throwback” theme even applies to entry fees set at $295 per car. The SVRA school program is fully accredited and focuses on safety, driving skill and the etiquette of vintage racing. Anyone with a vintage race car that meets all the SVRA safety requirements that are spelled out on the organization’s Website can register for the school. The fee is $550 and includes a one year SVRA competition membership for all who pass the school. Peter Krause, SVRA’s chief driving instructor, will oversee the school.

By coupling the school with a special race event weekend the overall experience will give new drivers a glimpse at the foundations of vintage racing. Hall-of-Famer Bob Williams will serve as event grand marshal and will perform ceremonial duties including the presentation of the special Group 1 race trophy in his name.


Roebling Road Entry Form


Savannah Provisional Race Schedule


Venue Information & Guidelines
Roebling Road Raceway Track Map (PDF)

Notice about this event
Sound Restrictions:
Roebling Road requires sound levels to be under 104 db. This is new to SVRA and will be monitored throughout the event. The sound meter is located on driver’s left just past the start/finish line. Two readings over this level will result in your car being flagged off the course. You will be allowed to fix the problem causing the car to be over the reading and re-enter.

If you are concerned about your car exceeding this limit, these tips may help:
– Point your exhaust/muffler toward driver’s right
– Let off the gas as you go by the sound station
– Go by the sound station with other car/s
Sound readings will be posted on the bulletin board by paddock entry.


This event has concluded.

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