Venue & Event Information

SVRA is returning to Portland International Raceway again in 2017 on a new date holding the Portland Vintage Racing Festival on July 27-30th. This event will be the third of four West Coast Trans Am Championship Races. Also included is the Mazda Heritage Cup, this race, the fourth of a five race series will have its own distinct race and race group made up of 1st generation 1.6 liter Spec Miatas of 1990-1993 vintage. This new race class offers a new “entry point” to vintage racing. Please see the following for event information.

Pre-Event Items

The National event is open to competitors that hold current competition licenses or driving privileges from a VMC recognized vintage racing organization. If you hold a temporary license from a VMC recognized group, you may enter the event, but will be required to take the Driver Orientation Program (DOP) on Thursday. Make sure you have your Licenses, I.D. and any other documents that you need to submit with you when you go to Registration. If you forget or misplaced your documents, it is the participant’s responsibility to contact their home organization for proper documentation if needed. If you have questions, contact Alex Miller ( SVRA National Licensing Director.

SVRA Rules Compliance for Car Type, Group and Class:
It is the responsibility of the entrant to understand and comply with all of the relevant rules of SVRA. It is especially important to be familiar with SVRA’s Tire rules, Head and Neck requirements, and Fuel Cell requirements. You can review all of the SVRA rules and requirements, the Competition Bulletins and Technical Bulletins on our website at Please confirm that you have a current Race Car Compliance Form (RCCF) and an Engine Certification Form on file with SVRA for every car entered. Contact Rick Parent, SVRA Technical Director with car compliance issues that need to be addressed, prior to the event at (

Head and Neck Restraints:
Mandatory for this event and all SVRA events. These systems must meet SFI 38.1 Standards. Other devices may be approved. Please review Competition Bulletin CB2013-009 or contact

Transponders are required for all entrants and the number is recorded in an accessible location and available during Tech Inspections. A limited number of rental units are available. Please contact Janet Harhay ( prior to July 20th if a rental is needed.

Event Basics

Maps and Views for the Event:
Track is 1.967 miles with 12 turns. Please click on map to review:

Track Map

Schedule: Available on Event Page
This schedule is a working model and may change. The order of Run Groups and scheduled times will be updated as needed. SVRA reserves the right to change/modify this schedule without notice but will make every effort to firm up the schedule as soon as possible.

Located at the entrance to the track. Registration will open 7:00am to 5:00pm on Thursday.

Hauler/Rig Parking:
Haulers will be parked at the discretion of the Paddock Marshalls. and have total authority over this process.

It is planned that initial Load-In will begin on Wednesday, July 26th at 1:00 pm and will run until approximately 6:00pm. Registration and load-in on Thursday will be from 7am-5pm.

RV and Toter Parking:
Overnight camping is allowed in your hauler/tow vehicle, RV, etc. in the paddock.

Sunday Night Stay:
Rigs and Haulers may stay overnight Sunday night, July if they move to the Broadacres Field outside the front gate.

Paddock Speed Limit:
Speed limit for the entire facility (except for the race track itself) is 15 miles per hour and is strictly enforced.

Golf Carts:
Golf carts can be rented through J & S Golf Carts at 503-647-1984.

Race Tire Support:
On site tire support will be provided by A&T Tire/Trackside Support starting on Thursday, July 27th.

Sunoco, the official racing fuel of SVRA will be available on site.
• Sunoco Standard 110 R+M/2 octane leaded
• Sunoco Supreme 112 R+M/2 octane leaded
• Premium 92 R+M/2 octane unleaded (ethanol free)

For fuels that require special orders, please contact Monty at as soon as possible. For more information regarding fuel formulations please go to:
We appreciate your patronage of this sponsor.

Waste Fluids:
Portland International Raceway has containers throughout the paddock for waste oil and antifreeze. If you have questions about their location, tech will be able to assist you.

Sound Limit:
SVRA has a 115db Sound Variance for this event which means at 113 db drivers will be cautioned.

If you are concerned about your car exceeding this limit, these tips may help:
• Point your exhaust/muffler toward driver’s right
• Let off the gas as you go by the sound station
• Go by the sound station with other car/s

Black Flag:
Black Flag station is at Turn 8 and the flag will be shown both their and start/finish.

Fire Extinguishers:
Each competitor must have a fire bottle displayed in their paddock area.

Pets are allowed, but they must be on a leash at all times and owners must pick up after them.

Victory Circle:
Located in front of the Rose Cup Room.

Saturday Dinner:
Will be located at the tent in the Beaches Area of the paddock. Drivers will be given 2 tickets for the dinner and additional tickets may be purchased at Registration.

Can be sent to:
Attention Team Name and cell phone number
Portland International Raceway
1940 North Victory Blvd.
Portland, OR 97217