2022 Portland SpeedTour

July 14 - 17, 2022 | Portland International Raceway - Portland, OR

“It’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow.” – Abner Perney

SVRA honors the glorious past of Portland International Raceway by bringing back to life the sights, smells and sounds that have echoed off this popular track for 62 years. This exciting weekend features large grids and great competition. Friday is a Test Day. All SVRA race groups are invited. Datsun is the featured marque. A Mazda Miata Heritage Cup Series race has been added to the schedule.

Since opening in 1960, PIR has hosted most prestigious American race series, including Trans-Am, IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA and SCCA, not to mention memorable SVRA vintage races. Don’t miss the chance to challenge Portland International Raceway’s 12-turn, 1.9-mile road course! 

The SpeedTour weekend hosts OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car, a safe, fun and high-profile national championship event for street legal performance vehicles. Off the track, there’s also lots of things to see and do, including a car show, marque corrals, vendor row, lunchtime touring and Portland’s famous Strawberry Shortcake! Join us for a fun weekend and add your signature to PIR’s racing history!


Supplemental Event Information

Portland International Raceway

Location:Portland, OR
Length:1.96 miles


Eligibility Contact: Rob Elson – rob@svra.com
Licensing Contact: Alex Miller – alex@svra.com
Car Show: Kim McCullough – kimmccullough@speedtour.net
Vendor Sales: Melissa Clay – melissa@svra.com
Event Information Contact: Kathy Swinford – kathy@svra.com
PR Contact: Ashleigh Aungst – pr@parellamotorsports.com
Photo/Media Credentials[Request Credentials] Pam Shatraw – pam@svra.com


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