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Thanks again to all our competitors, crew members, spectators, and sponsors for making SVRA what it is today. Below are some of the messages we have received over the last few weeks about our recent events. If you would like to share your experience, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Hi Tony, just a quick Thank You for a great weekend of racing at Sears Point (Sonoma). No yellow flags in either of the F.F. Races just good racing. – Jay

Kathy and Rick,
I want to congratulate you on running such a fun event. Great classes and operational support was excellent. I ran my Lotus 7 in Group C for my first event with SVRA. Like 40 some other guys in the group I did not win but had great racing + fun.
Thanks and Kudos,
Rick Laws

Had one of my best race weekends ever in Sonoma. Really appreciate the effort and the results of your efforts. Thank you!

Dear Tony;
I have never seen a race executive work as hard as you do, and make a connection to each and every participant. You are one of a kind, thanks for all you do. I had a great time at the event, and felt you absolutely maximized the track time available in a day. Well done.
Bruce Trenery

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! Randy and I as well as our customers had a great time! Congratulations on such a well-run event. Please pass our thanks on to the whole SVRA staff for all their hard work in running a top notch event. We look forward to next year!
Sheelagh Murphy
Randy Peterson
Peterson Motorsports, LLC

Tony; thanks for including the Formula Ford guys last weekend. Pete Sabeff and I truly enjoyed the track, the competition, the fantastic instruction provided by Jim of the DOT program, the staff, the Ramsgate event, and the genuine feeling of belonging one gets from dealing with a hospitable and welcoming organization.
We will be back next year— likely with some of our Formula Ford compatriots— if our group if part of the schedule.
Thanks again,
John H. Brown,

Dear Tony,

Thank you very much for a terrific weekend. I had 15 people up for my birthday on Thursday and everyone had a blast. Looking forward to seeing you in Portland and Coronado. Thanks again for giving us use of the garage – really helped with all my “people.”

All the best,


Tony and Staff,
Many thanks for a superb race weekend.
Adom Moutafian
FFord 55

Good morning Terry. Well, words fail me to tell you what an amazing day we had at the races! We were just hoping for a pace car ride, but it turned out to be so much more thanks to you, Michael and Alex Miller. We had so much fun, doing the Jaguar autocross, the pace car ride, followed by a hot lap! We had such a fantastic time and the cars were just beautiful. Thank you so very much for our very special and memorable day. We plan to become members of your association.
Thanks again!
Elaine and Mark Boehme

Hi Tony
I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had at the races at Amelia Island. Your staff was great as usual, the tech personnel pointed out certain things that were corrected at the track and two things to be taken care of later which I have done since I got back. The two ladies at grid are the best they helped me get the seat belts correctly on the Hans device. The participants were great, I felt very safe on track with them. The spectators were wonderful and enjoyed the racing and seeing the cars in the paddock. You and your staff did a great job and it will get bigger and better every year.
Thanks for a great time.

Don Tevini

Tony ,
Great weekend! Great event! Thank you for having us , we will be back. Kinda of cool vintage shot, could be 1965!



My wife and I attended the Amelia Island event yesterday and it was a blast. The car and motorcycle owners were super friendly and you could tell how much they love their sport. It was easy to move from the pits to the premier viewing area and back and we took full advantage of the golf cart transportation. This was our first visit to one of your events and it won’t be our last. Thanks again for the fun event!

Steve Hadley


Thanks to you and the team for a fun event this past weekend. Weather held out and it was an enjoyable couple of days. Was truly a unique experience for me racing on an airport. Glad to be part of it.

Thanks Again,
Joe Hoover

On behalf of myself (Healey 3000), wife Dawn (Lotus S7) and our MFD Classic Motor Team we truly enjoyed a wonderful experience at Amelia. It not only went smoothly but the unusual run on the historic airfield site made it all the more entertaining. Your Team was once again on top and handled the conditions with class!

For me, I thank you and Pam for parting with the Event banner. It will hang with pride near my Bocar pictured when it ran in 1960 on that very course!

We are looking to see you all at Road America in May. Meanwhile, be safe, healthy and smile!!

Mike & Dawn Fisher

Great event , look forward to next year…maybe with an enduro?
Don Heth

Thank YOU – you put on a great race weekend – such fun and special memories!
And we really enjoyed Alan – looks like we will be car Tote-mates!
Can’t wait for the next race


You guys did a great job. I look forward to doing it again next year.


Just want to thank you and your staff for a great four days of racing with great fun, fellowship and food. This first time event was outstanding and can’t wait till the next one. I have contacted Kathy regarding an invitation to Indy as Fay and I are planning to attend both Indy and Ohio.
Red Wine & Brew Racing


You guys did a great job. I look forward to doing it again next year.


Dear Tony,

I speak for myself as well as the entire Ruman Racing/McNichols Co. team in expressing our appreciation for your support of the Trans Am Series as well as your support of me personally as a driver. The 50th Anniversary event at Sebring was a huge success! You and SVRA are such strong partners with the Trans Am Series and we are grateful.

I also want to personally thank you for hosting and including me in the Trans Am Legends dinner and for making the event so special for SVRA and Trans Am participants and fans. What an amazing evening it was!

I am humbled to be included in the TA legacy and among such a remarkable group of drivers. I also wanted to express my deep gratitude for the Motorsports Hero award, the 50th jacket, the baseball style hero cards, and for including me on the cover of the program and poster – what an honor!

Visionaries like you truly shape – and continue to create – the legacies of auto racing.

Thanks again –

Ruman Racing, Inc.
Amy M. Ruman

Thanks, Tony. Our first experience with SVRA under your ownership… As they say, you can only make one first impression. It was a great one. Congrats to you and your staff. Great weekend of fun and competitive racing. We look forward to Amelia Island and beyond.
Duke & Fay Waldrop

Hello Ben,

I hope this note finds you well. My name is Chad Raynal, and I support some old race cars that Bill Ockerlund and a few others own and run.

I just wanted to be in touch to say that I really enjoyed the “SVRA celebrates 50 years of Trans-Am” video you put together for this past weekend’s Sebring event. Your production and Rich Taylor’s words were a great combo, that have already helped to bring additional appreciation for the series’ history.

Of course I’ve also enjoyed the rest of the videos you’ve produced for SVRA, but wanted to be in touch about this particular effort.

Great work, and thanks for all your efforts to shine a light on these old Trans-Am cars.

All the best.


Hello, Tony,
What an exciting and fitting way to start the 2016 SVRA race season with the tribute to 50 years of the Trans Am series!

Tom was so honored that you asked him to be a part of your program. The Saturday afternoon panel was lively with Bob Tulius’ and Tom’s repartees. And the Saturday evening program was so inclusive from the start of the series to the current day. We think it turned out wonderfully.

Tom also appreciated the attractive jacket and trophy. Very nice weekend all around!!!

Thank you for all of the kindnesses. See you at Amelia.

Scottie Yeager

I should say “thank you”. This was my first SVRA event and I must say you people are first class. The event was great and most of all the SVRA people were great. They all were so helpful and that is hard to find now a days. Thanks for making my weekend fun.
Paul Johnson

Thanks to all the SVRA staff for a great weekend. My first SVRA event and I’m impressed. It won’t be my last.
Special thanks to Rusty and his wife for getting the log book sorted out, and for being such nice people.
Very best to all,
John Coyle

Just wanted to thank you for a great weekend of racing! I had a blast, except for you and the guy in the Porsche taking three years off my life (just kidding). Again thanks for a great weekend.
Tony Hess

Hi Tony,
I’m a long time vintage racing fan and supporter. I’d like to say that you have done an outstanding job with SVRA since sliding into the drivers seat. BRAVO! I would like to know if you have any type of CAN AM anniversary celebration gathering planned for the SVRA event at Watkins Glen this year? Or any other east coast events, for that matter. I just think it would be very fitting to see, in my humble opinion, the greatest racing series ever be celebrated at the countries most historic track. Especially since the series did so well there when it was current.
Best regards
Greg Heffner

Hello Kathy –

We recently returned to Texas from the VARA/SVRA season opener at Spring Mountain in Nevada – we being Suzie Patterson and her husband Robert, and my wife Brenda and I, along with Roo’lette, our team mascot. Roo’lette is a baby kangaroo and lives most of the time in Susie’s big purse. From time to time, Roo’lette can be detected by her tail or little paws sticking out of the purse. Sometimes she’ll stick her head out, usually when it’s time for her bottle. Sometimes she is taken out of the purse and allowed to run around, in her diapers of course. She was quite a hit at the track, as you can imagine. We had a fun time racing, Susie in her 1952 Devin MG and me and my 1968 Brabham BT21B. VARA is a very friendly organization and I would be remiss not to mention the hosts: Jeanette, and Ed and Susie Swart. The whole weekend was well-run and we had lots of track time. The drivers were very courteous in their racing manners and friendly off the track. The wine and cheese party Friday night and the buffet Saturday night, with live entertainment was most enjoyable. I would encourage vintage racers throughout the country to take advantage of these joint events that SVRA is running with clubs around the country. These events complement well the “National Events”. It’s not an “either or choice” rather, they complement one another.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SVRA for its efforts promoting vintage racing in the United States.

Dan Chapman

Hi Tony,

Just wanted to let you know that we were very impressed again with your event at COTA. And having seen the pictures of the condition of the facility only days before the event, I’m even more impressed. You and the track did wonders. We were in the garages and one barely knew there were these immense problems to deal with. All are to be commended. The track and SVRA. Everyone was professional and accommodating; especially Ray, Roger, Kathy and Billy.

Thank you and your organization.


Carl Liebich

Hello Tony,
I want to thank you for putting together such a great event! I also want to thank you for working to consolidate vintage racing events and rules. The future of vintage racing looks bright due to your efforts. In my forty-five years of racing, you are the first person to ever come to the grid and thank me for coming to the race.

Thank You again,
Lee Fleming

Well, young man… you pulled it off with great aplomb.

Seeing pictures of the monumental damage, mere days before compeitors were to arrive, no one would have faulted you for canceling the event. Your positive comments, gave the rest of us heart to commit and get on the road to COTA. I can’t imagine how you must have felt looking at that mess, knowing we were all on our way Bless your heart you dug in and fixed it.

Kudos to your whole team and the COTA people for all the work they did, but it wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t taken the proverbial Texas bull by the horns and decided the event was going to happen and then moved heaven and earth to get it done.

From the bottom of my heart and from of all of us at Ecurie, thanks. We enjoyed every second.

Tony, I can’t say enough positive things about the program today. The caliber of the instructors, Peter and (Jim, Black 914?) made an incredible difference in getting me up to speed, no pun intended, if you are not doing this at every track, I believe you should, as this was my first time to drive CoTA it gave me the confidence to drive faster and most importantly, safer.

Looking forward to a great weekend. Thanks, Chip

Hi Kathy,

Hope all is well with you. We finally got home from COTA… SVRA and the track did an amazing job making the week happen given the circumstances. Didn’t hear one compliant the entire weekend! Please send a big thank you from the West Coast Huffaker Hooligans!

Best – Scott


I just wanted to say it was good to finally meet you and your husband at COTA. You have always been very nice to me and it is much appreciated.

Also, when things have calmed down a bit. Please relay on to Tony this thought, While SVRA is a really well run organization, it has been my experience that it is the welcoming and superb attitude of the people in SVRA that for me has made it shine.

Thanks to all.

Regards, Rusty Herbert


I want to start off with thanking you for throwing yourself, your passion and your resources into the SVRA so that many individuals like myself have the opportunity to experience driving our beloved cars on such great tracks as COTA. This was my first experience on the track at COTA and with SVRA – and I will have to say, that I was extremely impressed with how I was greeted, treated, and the overall professional atmosphere of the event was to be highlighted as a huge success for you and your staff. From the registration desk, through tech, driver’s meeting, first time to pull up to grid, several occasions of SVRA staff including Tony coming and shaking my hand while I was in my car on the grid. It was top notch!

Thanks again for all that you and your staff do behind the scenes to make these events possible !

Huge respect and regards,

Colby Lemmons


I wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful time this last Friday at the COTA / SVRA Vintage racing event. Everyone was wonderful, pleasant and helpful. I am definitely hooked. I learned a lot, got to see almost all of the track and met some fantastic people.

What a stand-up organization. I plan to join in the next month or first of the year. While I don’t have a vintage race car yet, I do plan on buying one. For now I will keep autocrossing and learn how to race before taking on the vintage project.

Again, thank you for opening your doors to a potential would be fan. I am now hooked for life.

Best regards,

Scott Kraemer

I just wanted to thank you for such a GREAT race weekend at CotA. I don’t know how you pulled off such a feat after such a natural disaster, but it worked, and we had a great time. I appreciate your friendship and support, and so do my family.
Thanks again,
Garrett, Pat, Sarah, Keegan and Teddy


Thanks for THE BEST vintage race event we have ever attended – including both the “Koehler” and “The Hawk.”

The track is terrific (although overall I do prefer Road America), the competition team kept everything running smoothly and close to schedule, and the additional events, such as the auction and concert, added another dimension to the experience.

We handed out lots of “cards” to many kids, and let a number sit in the car! They always enjoy that.

You even get credit for dialing up incredible weather for the Sunday feature races.

I don’t care what some may say about SVRA “appropriating” the National Vintage Racing Championship monicker – that’s just sour grapes. If they’d been here, they’d have had to admit that THIS WAS the National Vintage Racing Championship event – in more ways than one!!

Well done and Kudos to the entire SVRA Team.

Bill Demarest

Tony, thanks to you and your staff for the great events you are putting on. I cannot imagine how much work it is to secure the locations and run the events. I am looking forward to racing with SVRA for many years to come. Keep up the great work.

Chris Pedersen


On behalf of CVAR a big Thanks for a great race weekend. The racing was really good in spite of the threatening weather, the food was table grade, the auction was a lot of fun watching from the dining hall and the music was over the top. I did not hear a single complaint.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon, HH

Congrats on a great SVRA 2015 season! Amazing number of events with a diverse schedule – coast to coast! Just received another copy of VRQ – love the content and pictures! Job well done by everyone at SVRA! See you an an event or trade show soon!

Tim Frost

Tony, the parade was fantastic and whole weekend was great! Thanks so much for making this possible. Barron Racing

Tony- I tried to find you before I left the track… Just sending a quick, but big, THANK YOU!

My first SVRA event was incredibly fun. I plan on attending this event next year (can’t wait) and will encourage everyone I can to do the same.

It is clear to me an enormous amount of work and planning goes into your events. Frankly, it’s stunning.

Best regards,
Skip Duplissey

Wow! What a Great Weekend! SVRA has just hit one out of the park. The racing was awesome, track and facilities terrific, weather was super, SVRA event management made this a most memorable event. Thanks to your and all of your staff!

Larry Reyburn


On behalf of CVAR I want the Thank You for a great weekend. The track itself, facilities and personnel were over the top. The dinner party was a blast and maybe the highlight of the weekend was the parade through the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street. We will be back with bigger numbers next year.

Thanks for all you do for us and our sport,

Dear Tony,

May I thank you and all your staff for making my team, family and myself so welcome from the first time we first rocked up at Homestead. It has been a challenging year flying back and forwards to America to every event from the UK but after 35 years of racing I have to say it has been one of the best years if not the best that I have experienced. Then by winning Group 8 and coming second overall out of all the Groups this made it even better. But to cap it all being named Rookie of the Year was such a surprise and I am very grateful to everyone that selected me for this award.

I now have my head down catching up with work so that I can once again come and join you next month at COTA. Keep up the good work in driving SVRA forward to what I believe is the best run Vintage racing organisation not just in the USA but in the world. Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Sean Brown

Hi Tony,

I wanted to compliment you on a terrific event last weekend on Coronado. My husband and I attended for the first time and loved it. Your people did a great job; everything was so organized, the location couldn’t have been better and the caliber of cars were outstanding!

Thank you for putting on such a first class event and Congratulations on 18 years!!! We’ll be back!

Best wishes,

Kathy Weida

Hey Tony,

I’ve been racing for about 10 years now and have entered events with numerous organization including SVRA, HSR, PCA Club Racing, and VDCA. I am fortunate to be able to race but do so on a small budget (relatively speaking). The last SVRA event I attended was the Gold Cup in 2012, so I was very excited to come to another one of your events. Although the weather did not cooperate, I have to say it was the most pleasant experiences I’ve had with an organization and it’s staff. Everyone was extremely friendly, and for the first time since I’ve been racing, I truly felt a great customer experience.

Because of this experience with you all and for your generous offer to waive entry fee for the NOLA event, we will be making the drive from Raleigh, NC to New Orleans to participate. I really had a great time at VIR despite the weather, and I look forward to seeing you all in New Orleans.


I was delighted to receive in today’s mail the award for Best Performance & Presentation, Group 4 at the Coronado Speed Festival. I have to credit Bert Skidmore’s team at Interpid Motor Car Co, for most of the performance and all of the presentation. In any event, the 2015 Coronada Speed Festival was a great event and very well presented by SVRA. Thanks to you, Tony and all of the SVRA team for making this possible for us competitors.
Best regards,
Arthur Cook

Hi Tony:

Just a little pat on the back for you and the SVRA crew. I thought the Coronado race went splendidly. Hope the Fleet Week folks were happy, too.


Kathy and Jessie,
Thanks for putting on a great event. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you at future races.

Thank you for a great weekend. I had a wonderful experience. I hope to make it back next year.
Best Regards,
Dan Schwartz

Hello Tony,

Thank you for a nice event, definitely an upgrade from past years. My first event with SVRA, your enthusiasm and energy is impressive.

Already looking forward to the next one,


Mr. Parella,

My son and I attended our first SVRA event this past weekend at the Coronado Speed Festival and I would like you to know that it was an all-around amazing experience. Of special note, the SVRA drivers and crew were unbelievably friendly and entertained our every question. We have attended other racing events previously, but this was the first time we walked away with a true feeling of connection to the cars, drivers, and the overall atmosphere. I will gladly make a point of recommending future SVRA events to friends and family. Thank you very much.

Very Respectfully,


Know you are on your knees getting ready for COTA, but just a word of thanks.

As my first SVRA race, Coronado worked. I had heard about the east coast events and was concerned the mini-SCCA podium racing would transfer to the West Coast. Not to worry. Nice job on the fly, I can’t imagine what it was like to take this from a zero sum game you were handed.

And another touch of class. I run a smaller car, Elva Courier. Been at it for fifteen years through everyone from GRL, HMSA, VARA, etc. (including ten years at Coronado). As a non-18 wheeler pit hound nor big dollar car, I am used to being treated as “just there.” It’s not a complaint, I know it’s those kind of special deep pocket racers that make all this work. For the first time in my 50+ races, as the head of the sanctioning body, you came by to shake my hand on the grid with a thanks for being here. I can’t rightly express my appreciation for that gesture. It leaves a wonderful impression of your efforts to make all welcome. Well done.

Wish you a successful COTA and 2016. Hope to make as many as I can.

Lon Walters

Kathy, Tony and all @ SVRA,

Just wanted to thank you for the great event in Coronado! Had the race of my life!!! Hope to see you all next year! Car #29…. The green 914. Thanks again. Garey

Thank you, Tony!

Coronado was a wonderful event. Thank you for all you have done for vintage racing! If it weren’t for your passion and commitment to vintage racing, I would never have fulfilled my life long dream of driving on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or to drive at the Circuit of the Americas.


Andrew L. “Bud” Byrnes III


Immediate response to solving problems – I keep waiting to see a chink in the armor of the new SVRA but you guys keep confounding me. To change any organization so deeply and so quickly – and never seem to miss a beat – it really is quite astounding, just from a pure business organizational standpoint (never mind the bulls-eye consumer/member parts of the equation that just never stop coming – HSR West, Indy, COTA, Steve Earle, Pam Shatraw, Rich Taylor, NOLA, Amelia…)

I’m on the road for a couple weeks, so I’ll get my stuff as soon as I can, I know there’s a clock running.



My name is Bernie Chodosh and I am the owner driver (with my friends) of the Silver 59 Corvette that has run with the SVRA this year.

After racing for the last 40 odd years in Europe, I now find myself in the position of only wanting to race with my American counterparts. You don’t know how lucky you are with so many iconic tracks and four days of track time at each event you enter. Over in Europe, the cost of doing a half hour practice and half hour race can be as much as the whole four day Meeting including testing with the SVRA and other clubs. The atmosphere and warm friendship that myself and my UK colleagues have experienced in the 2015 season has been unbelievable and many new friends have been made.

The competitive, yet safe, racing with like minded racers is unbelievable. Our cars are built to strict European FIA regulations, or in the case of my Corvette not, nevertheless we have all experienced some fantastic Meetings even though as you can guess there have been problems that we have had to deal with.

It is not a matter of winning, but more participating. I have to say, that Tony is doing a fantastic job along with Kim, Ray, Roger and the rest of the staff. The free Saturday food and evening entertainment are just great and you will never see this in Europe.

My whole racing career has been based upon what a privilege it is for me to be able to do this. I have had some torrid times over the last 40 years but because it is my escape and passion, I always look on the bright side.

It is easy to remember how tough business is and how other people suffer through economy, etc. Please remember this is a sport we all embrace and we are privileged to do so. It is easy to get upset because other people may have quicker cars or may be slightly bending the rules to their advantage but we are really only there to have fun.

If you get the chance come and say hello. We run under Dave and Robyn Handy’s company who have done a great job for us.

Good job Tony and keep the good work going.

Bernie Chodosh

I want to personally thank you for an awesome weekend at Pocono. With what I originally thought would be a very short course turned out to be an outstanding workout for me and the car.

Once again. Loved the track layout.

John Ash

Dear Tony,

Thank you very much for including me and I look forward to racing with SVRA for a long time into the future.

…also wanted you to know, you have a REAL Superstar in Kathy S. I think the world of Ben and her.

Semper fidelis

Mike Moss

Hi Tony,
Thanks for putting together another great race weekend at Watkins Glen. It’s always a great place to race and running the short track was a novel experience that I’m glad I got to take part in. I’m sure it was difficult to get traction with the different date and different configuration but I think everyone there had a great time.

As a member of the Alfa’s at The Glen 2015 organizing Committee, we especially want to say “THANK YOU” for the All Alfa race, and everything else that went with being one of the featured Marques. I think we had an excellent turn-out of production Alfa’s and a pretty good display of the “special” cars. All of the Alfa guys that I talked with throughout the weekend said they were having a great time (except for the mechanical failures). We look forward to doing it again in 2020 if you will have us.

Lastly, I personally want to thank you and the tech staff for the award you gave me Friday night at the Corning Glass Museum. The glass Cup is magnificent. I was completely surprised and honored to be chosen for the award. I usually try to keep a low profile but getting recognized Friday night in front of all of those people was something I will remember always.

It’s been a good year of events on the East Coast this year and I look forward to finishing strong with Pocono and the Gold Cup. See you there!

Best Regards,

Rob Mocas

Hi Tony,

I just received an envelope including a very nice Brickyard Invitational photo album and a nice note from you. You and your team do such a wonderful job at SVRA!

I look forward to seeing you again next year for another great SVRA event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Thank you!

Stephan Gregoire

Event was great, you and your staff are a pleasure to work with.
Tom Forgione

Hi Tony,

I just wanted to thank you and your race staff for the consideration you showed my very late arriving Lola F5000. Being able to run at the back of the group 9 race allowed me to break in a totally fresh chassis, brakes and motor so that I am now ready to proceed to Monterrey for the Historics. I have never been before and I can only hope it is as well run and congenial as your recent success at the Glen.

Again, thank you.

Dudley Cunningham

Hey Tony, Thanks for all you do, you truly get it. That’s rare in this day and age. As I have been for the past two years, I would be honored to be a part of next years Pro-Am. Thanks so much for keeping us old guys relevant, awesome to see Bob win this years event. You couldn’t have written a better script. Thanks again, I appreciate being a part of the Pro-Am and all you do for my much loved sport. See you at COTA.
Scott Harrington

Tony, you’re killing me here with all these fantastic venues you are putting on. We just don’t have the time to make it to the east coast for this one but I want to again thank you personally for all that you have done. We at John James Racing appreciate all the hard work you have done in these past few years. Please also pass on my best to Kathy. She is the best! God Bless.

Thank you for the nice weekend at Indy, from the first moment we arrived at the track, the camping spot for the RV and the trailer and to the last race the Enduro on Sunday morning everything went well. The staff of SVRA and IMS were answering all my question. I am Hoping to be there next year.

Montreal, Canada

Hi Tony,

I very much enjoyed our brief chat at the Watkins Glen reception. Thank you again for your commitment to SVRA and its membership. Because of your leadership SVRA continues to thrive and participants are having fun. The SVRA culture is entirely different from other clubs as I can well attest.

Best regards,


Many thanks for all your hard work.

See you at Pocono,

Chuck & Joyce Gladle


I just love being a part of SVRA and I wanted to drop you a note that I have been invited to display my #98 Bojangles Thunderbird Winston Cup car at one of the large Carlise Events Car Shows at the Bloomsburg, PA Fairgrounds on Aug 13-16, 2015. If SVRA would send me some banners, literature, handouts, stickers etc. I will be glad to set up a table near my car to help promote SVRA.


John Ash


Always great to participate. You guys make it so easy to race. With as many Pro starts that I have, I always appreciate the experience of a well run series, You and your staff are the BEST!

Best Regards


I thank you and SVRA for a great weekend. I have run Watkins Glen for over 40 years with PCA Driver’s Ed, but I had never before been able to use the short course. It was fun.

The opportunity to go to Corning was unexpected. WE were one of the few teams to take the race car. Corning Glass treated us very well. The cocktail party and the glass demonstration was a nice way to end the day.

You and your staff are to be commended.

Steve Hunter

Hi Tony,

I’m not one to send small notes but I have to say… WOW… the entire SVRA staff and the IMS staff where really incredible from the first moment we arrived! Their willingness to help and explain things was… incredible.

I can’t believe how smooth everything ran even with the rain showers. I can only imagine the complexity of putting on an event like this race weekend! Did I ever imagine I would be racing on the Indy track… not on your life!

My wife and I truly had a wonderful time!

Thank You,
Scott Kissinger


Thank you and SVRA for a great event!!! I was a spectator at several SVRA events at Summit Point Raceway while living on the East Coast so I was glad to finally participate. My Lotus 7A had some issues that prevented me from participating in the Group 1 races but your organization and attention to the competitors/crews made it an enjoyable weekend.

The local drivers will spread the word of a great event. I will be waiting for the next year.

Tom Styczynski

Enjoyed the event and thanks to you, we were able to run our car in Portland as sometimes other sanctioning bodies decide that cars are too new, too different, etc and forget the idea is enjoying the cars more than anything. We plan on coming next year as I’m sure you discovered the track reminds you a bit of RA with the trees and geography and God knows it’s nice to see something other than the desert!

Jerry Kehoe

CSRG4852a - Version 2Tony

I was running a Formula Ford this weekend (attached) and have been doing vintage (Porsche as well) for about a decade. Your team was GREAT and they extended your vision through the registration process, as well as the event. GREAT weekend, well executed and the “spirit” of can do/enthusiasm is needed & appreciated.

Jeff Rogers

It was a great event and well done by you and your staff, please come back next year. Thanks again for a great event!
Denny Pillar and family

Tony: You delivered all you said and more! It was a party and it was fun. I will be at more events with SVRA next year. YOU AND YOUR TEAM HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK! The company picnic that we sponsored was a great hit and our customers came out and had fun. What more could I ask for. Thank you again. Mark Carpenter

Great Show Tony,

Keep up the good work

See you next year.


Mark Jaremko

Dear Mr. Parella, my son and I would like to thank you and the SVRA team for hosting the 2015 Portland Vintage Races. It is an event were we really enjoy exercising our Sebring MGB GT #60, and MGA TwinCam #53 race cars. We have raced with SVRA at Sebring and Watkins Glen also (five day towing each way), and we look forward to many future events.
Regards from Vancouver, Ralph Z

Thank you Marianne and to the fine people of SVRA… The word is getting spread… Everyone I spoke with had a great time and are looking forward to next year… The feel at the event was refreshing and festive compared to years past… lets get 250-300 next year! Also… It was pretty cool to find my car in the race program, group 9 photos!!!
Bob Dustan

Hi Tony. Thank you for a great race weekend. The Sunday morning Enduro was the most fun that I have had for a long time (maybe because we got relegated to the back of the field and had to work our way up to the front). My Co-Driver over from Auckland, New Zealand just loved it. Thanks again it is just great to have SVRA trying to unite all the regulations across the country. Tony Carruthers, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada.