Changes to the Oak Tree turn at VIR

Due to the unfortunate event of VIR’s Mighty Oak falling down, VIR has made some changes to the entire Oak Tree Turn. It was the intention of VIR to wait until winter to make these changes and to release this announcement for 2014, but a few recent incidents have shown the need to take action now.

The station that was formerly known as 11A and was the next station in line after Station 10 has been moved across track to Driver’s Left and is now Station 11.




The area where this station used to stand has been graded flat and seeded.


Station 11, formerly known as the Oak Tree station setting directly underneath the tree, has been moved off the turn and placed on Driver’s Left at the Photo / F&C access gate inside the chain-link fence and will now be called Station 12.

Positive FIA apex curbing has been added to the Oak Tree turn at Driver’s Right. Both of the previous corner stations have been removed and the area has been graded flat and seeded.


The stations will now be numbered as 11 and 12, and the station formerly known as 12 (located at the “Bitch” turn for South Course) will now be called Station 13. Stations 11 and 12 will always be manned when F&C services are required and will work in tandem with each other.

Station 12



If you need further information, please contact Kevin Massey-Shaw at or 434-822-7700 x104 or Kerrigan Smith at or 434-822-7700 x102.

Thanks for your understanding of these necessary changes.
Kerrigan Smith
Director of Track Operations