2014 U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship Preliminary Entrant Information

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The U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship purpose is to promote Vintage and Historic motor racing, the history of the cars, and the camaraderie of the competitors. Entrants for this event will reflect these goals by focusing on the joy of participation in Vintage Racing, proper driver conduct, car preparation and rules compliance.

This event is open to all competitors who hold a current, valid Competition License from an organization recognized by the SVRA and whose car(s) meets the SVRA East Rules. Acceptance of entries by Group, and in total, has been capped at a level that SVRA considers manageable to ensure a high quality driving experience.

All required information must be received by SVRA in a timely fashion. Entries that are unpaid or are incomplete will be considered a “non-entry” and the reservation will be forfeited.

Required materials for Final Entry Acceptance:

A. Completed SVRA U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship Entry Application Form (using your CODE) along with payment. Please note that a separate Application must be completed for each car entered. If you have not received an Invitation and would like to request one, please go to the Vintage Racing National Championship Event Site at www.svra.com.

B. Paddock Information Sheet

C. SVRA Race Car Compliance Form (RCCF), if not already on file.

D. Engine Certification Form (ECF), if not already on file.

E. One (1) photo of each car entered, plus one (1) head shot photo of the driver. These photos can be uploaded to the My Account & My Cars section when completing the Online Application or emailed to kathy@svra.com.

If these have already been submitted, please disregard.

Event Basics and Procedural Formats:

The U.S. Vintage Racing National Championships will be conducted utilizing the Rules Structure of SVRA East. It is the responsibility of the entrant to read these rules, understand them and comply with the SVRA East Rules for both car and driver, in order to enter and compete. These include:

● General Rules and Regulations/Safety Regulations/Fuel Cell Requirements/Tire Regulations

● All Competition Bulletins and Technical Bulletins

● Group and Classification Formats and associated Supplemental Regulations

● SVRA East “Standard Operating Procedures”

● SVRA East Hawk Performance Endurance Series Rules and Regulations

● SVRA East Sprint Series Rules and Regulations

This information can be found on our CAR INFO pages at the tab above.

Event Overview:

This event will be conducted at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. Track configuration will be the 3.4 mile Formula 1 course.

There will be 10 separate Sprint Race Groups, a Pre-War Group per adequate Entry level, and the Historic Trans Am Series that will participate during the long week-end.

There will be two (2) Hawk Performance Endurance Series Races: the Vintage / Classic Enduro for SVRA Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5a, 6a, 8 and the Historic GT / GTP Enduro for SVRA Groups 5b, 6b, 7, 9, 10, & 11. Each of these Endurance Races will have mandatory pit stops. (Note: the number of Enduro starting spots will be limited. Entries will be on a first come / first serve basis).

Accepted entries are SVRA Race Group specific. This means that if you decide or need to change the car you want to bring to the event, you may not be able to do so if that car is in another SVRA Race Group. That Group may be filled.

Cars that are accepted, but found not in compliance with SVRA East Technical Rules may be rejected, may be bumped up or down in Race Group / Class or may be place in a “no-podium/non-Championship class”. Car compliance issues or questions need to be addressed by the entrant well prior to the event.

Driver licensing, history, competition record, VMC Infraction List status may affect participation in this event.

Event Schedule Overview: October 7-12, 2014: (subject to change without notice)
Tuesday, 10/7 Paddock Load-In / Registration / Early Tech Inspection
Wednesday, 10/8 Test Day / Track Orientation Program (Note: there is very limited space available for Test Day and the TOP program. Entries are on a first-come/first serve basis).
Thursday, 10/9 Practice–all Race Groups
Friday, 10/10 Qualifying–all Race Groups / some Qualifying Races
Saturday, 10/11 Qualifying Races / some U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship Races / Hawk Performance Endurance Series Race / Evening Party for competitors and crew.
Sunday, 10/12 U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship Races / Hawk Performance Endurance Series Race.

For General Event Questions:
Kathy Swinford, SVRA Concierge Services Manager: (817)-521-5158 kathy@svra.com or
Alex Miller, SVRA Director; alex@svra.com.

For Registration Questions:
Kim Hoxie, SVRA Registrar: kim@svra.com

For Technical and/or Rules Compliance & Eligibility Questions:
Roger Linton, SVRA East Technical Director: roger@svra.com.

For Driver Licensing, History, Eligibility and Race Procedure Questions:
Ray Snowdon, SVRA East Competition Director: ray@svra.com or snowdonracing@aol.com