COTA Entrant Information and Guidelines

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The US Vintage Racing National Championship is being held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. A state of the art motor racing facility, it has been designed with the needs of Formula One Racing. Because of this, Sportscar Vintage Racing Association and its participants will encounter guidelines and regulations that may be different than we are used to at various Vintage events. These regulations are COTA’s requirements along with the need to manage over 500 entries. We ask for your co-operation in order to make this much anticipated event succeed. The following information will be updated as needed.

Pre-Event Items:

Hotel Reservation Service:
Available at:

This event is open to competitors that hold a current Competition License from a recognized Vintage racing organization. Make sure you have your Licenses, I.D. and any other documents that you need to submit. If you forget or misplaced your License, it is the participant’s responsibility to contact his home organization for proper documentation.

VMC Infraction List:
A driver’s appearance on the Vintage Motorsports Council Infraction List and/or a history of driver issues, probation or suspension may negate the entry for this event. The Competition Director and the Event Committee will make this determination if warranted.

SVRA East Rules Compliance for Car Type, Group and Class:
It is the responsibility of the entrant to understand and comply with all of the relevant rules of SVRA East. This is especially important regarding Tires requirements, Fuel Cell requirements, Competition Bulletins and Technical Bulletins. Car compliance issues need addressing, prior to the event, with the SVRA East Technical Director. (

Head and Neck Restraints:
Mandatory for this event and all SVRA East events moving forward. These systems must meet SFI 38.1 Standards. Other devices have also been approved. Please review Competition Bulletin CB2013-009 or contact (

Required for all entrants. No transponder means no times and no scoring. Please make sure your car is equipped with a transponder and the number is recorded in an accessible location and available during Tech Inspections. A limited number of rental units are available. Please contact Janet Harhay ( prior to September 10th if a rental is needed.

Cancellation Policy:
Competitors may cancel their entry by notifying Jon McKnight,, or Kathy Swinford, Cancellations received on, or before, August 15th will receive a full refund. Cancellations received after August 15th will receive a credit towards a future SVRA-East or SVRA-West event.

Event Basics:

Maps and Views for the Event

Google Earth Views

Facility Overview
A Paddock (Front) & Registration
B Paddock (Back)
H Paddock & RV Pads


To the Facility
A Paddock
Race Control… Plus
B Paddock

COTA Official Schedule (PDF)

Staging of Haulers:
PLAN AHEAD. If you are planning to park with another hauler, rig etc, meet somewhere prior to arriving at the track and come into the Staging Lanes together. All haulers, trailers, towed vehicles, RV’s (all vehicles) etc., are to Stage on Circuit of the Americas Boulevard and will enter the Facility at Tunnel Gate 2. There will be no access to the inner Facility via Tunnel Gate 1 during staging. Roving SVRA staff will pass through Staging with Waivers and Temporary Wristbands for Tuesday Load-In to expedite parking. (There will be an estimated 2 hour delay between the start of Load-In and the opening of Registration) Once parked/setup, proceed to Registration via Tunnel Gate 1, for normal Credentials. Wednesday and other Load-In days–must go to Registration before entering track with haulers/ trailers etc. through Tunnel Gate 2 only.

Drivers of haulers containing multiple cars must have a list of names of the drivers of the cars contained. This will aid in the parking process.

Located in the center of Parking Lot A when you enter COTA. Load-In , Tuesday Only, participants and crews will be able to go into the track with personal vehicles to get parked and set-up before going to Registration. (See Staging)

Load-In and Registration:
Load-In and Registration hours will be posted on the Event Schedule. It is planned that Initial Load-In will begin on Tuesday, October 22 at approximately 7:30am

Paddock Regulations and Information:

Parking spaces will accommodate ONLY a hauler (tow vehicle) plus applicable awning. One (1) Paddock Pass per Hauler. All personal vehicles will be parked at the front of the facility in Parking Lot A. Tram shuttles will run between Registration in Parking Lot A and the A, B and H Paddock areas beginning Tuesday at approximately 10:00am. and stop running at approximately 6:30pm. No personal vehicles will be issued a Paddock Pass.

Hauler/Rig Parking:
If you want to park together, come to the track together. There will be no space-saving for another hauler/tow-rig in any manner. Haulers will be parked at the discretion of the Paddock Marshall and has total authority over this process. Once parked, haulers may not move to another location for any reason. If you may have to leave the event prior to its conclusion, let SVRA parking staff know. You will be given space in the H Paddock area.

Empty-trailer parking will be located at the lower end of H Paddock.

Parking spaces will be tight with the number of entries. Please work with each other and the SVRA and Track Staff.

One (1) garage equals one (1) support hauler. Due to installation of Formula 1 Hospitality buildings immediately behind most garages, along with electrical and fire equipment, haulers may not be parked directly behind your rented garage. Every effort will be made to place the hauler as close as possible. No awnings, tent structures, etc. may be erected off of these haulers. Fueling, storing of fuel or starting/running a race car in a garage is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Room is provided on the paddock-side Fire Lane for this purpose. Fuel should be stored in your hauler. There will be no egress through the pit-side doors. These doors may be required to be closed if violations occur.

Garages are available for rent from COTA. Fees are $500/day, 5-day minimum. Interested parties should contact Jon McKnight, SVRA Director of Events, at

RV and Toter Parking:
COTA specifies: NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING ALLOWED IN PADDOCKS A and B. There are no utilities available in any paddock area. RV’s or Toters considered Support Vehicles (integral to maintaining the race car), will not be used for overnight lodging and do not exceed 90 feet, will be allowed in A or B Paddocks.

If you are planning on lodging in your RV or Toter, there are 2 options:
1. Rent an RV pad with Hook-ups (50 amp service), set your trailer up in A or B paddock, then park your RV or Toter at your Rental Pad. Contact Jon McKnight,, for availability.
2. Park in H Paddock (no hookups), you can stay connected, set-up and work on your car in that paddock location.
Note: COTA does not allow race cars or work on race cars at the RV rental pad locations.

Tent Requests:
Large, free-standing tents for groups wishing to paddock together, may be accommodated in an area specified by the SVRA Paddock Marshall only. Tent requests must go through the SVRA Paddock Marshall. The Paddock Marshall will consider the request and , if feasible, provide you with the Tent Company contact information that COTA uses as its sole supplier. This will ensure the proper location/placement of any tents. Please be aware that large tents of this type will be restricted to certain paddocks and areas. Trailers supporting cars under theses tents must be parked at the far end of the “H” paddock.Tent requests or questions: please contact West Clapp:(
Paddock pit speed is 10 mph.

Paddock Support Vehicles:
Because of the size and scope of the COTA facility, the use of a support vehicle of some kind is suggested. Golf carts, scooters, mini-bikes, 4-wheelers are permitted as long as operator is legally licensed (no children). Bicycles are permitted. All vehicles must follow the designated “traffic-flow” pattern per the Event maps. Any dangerous operation of support vehicles, such as over-loading, will result in having this privilege revoked. Support vehicle ID stickers will be available at Registration.

Golf Cart Rentals:
Available from: KC Golf Cart Company, via their website Look for the listing: US Vintage Racing National Championship, enter password vintage for special SVRA rates.

Tram-type shuttles will run between Registration in Parking Lot A and the A, B and H Paddock areas beginning Tuesday at approximately 10:00am. and stop running at approximately 6:30pm. Following days, shuttles should run between 7:00am and 7:00pm approximately.

Paddock Access/Drop-offs:
It is understood that there may be a need to bring a non-credentialed vehicle into the paddock to drop off people/equipment/supplies. The driver will be required to surrender his Event Credentials or an I.D. at the entry gate. If the vehicle does not return within 30 minutes of entry, the vehicle and team will be located and, if not removed, the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. This allowance into the paddock is done as a courtesy and will be revoked to all participants if the privilege is abused.

Special Needs:
Folks with special needs should come to Registration with their request. Paddock passes will be provided to those folks with Handicap designations on driver’s licenses or display card used for everyday parking.

Paddock Care:
The asphalt at COTA may not be punctured by anchors, stake, jack stands, etc. Use weights, water buckets, etc. (Do not use N2 bottles). All awning or tent poles must have wood pads under them. Weights or wood pads are NOT available from the race track. Some type of trailer tongue rest must be used to prevent sinking into asphalt. Spills, leaks, liquids etc. must be cleaned up properly. Drip pans are suggested under a lot of Vintage cars. COTA staff will monitor the paddocks on a regular basis and you will be charged for any paddock facility damages.

Race Tire Support:
Participants may order race tires for at track delivery mounting and balancing from Bob Woodman Tires.

Race Fuel:
VP Racing Fuels is the official racing fuel of the U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship and will be on site at Circuit of the Americas with a number of fuel blends available for purchase including VP Vintage Leaded (98 R+M/2), VP Vintage Unleaded (96 R+M/2), VP110, C12 and more. For technical questions or advice on fuel selection, contact VP Tech Support at 302-521-1767 or To ensure the fuel you need is available, we recommend contacting VP at 210-635-7744 or to pre-order the product that you will need.

Truck Wash:
COTA is securing a Truck-washing firm to service rigs on Circuit of the Americas Boulevard during Staging. Additional details will be provided.

Noise Courtesy:
No race engine may be started/run between 9:00pm and 7:00am.

Tent camping is not permitted. Camp fires of any type are not permitted. Barbecues, hibachis, heating and cooking equipment may be used in defined areas.

No one under the age of 18 allowed in the Hot Pit area at any time.

No Pets Allowed

Security and Emergency
Call COTA Security Dispatch @ 512-655-6245. Life Threatening: 911. Please remember that this is a public event with many spectators. Valuables should be kept out of sight and locked up. If you leave your trailer or vehicle, lock it and take your keys.

Additional Circuit of the Americas Facility Information

Waste Handling & Disposal:
COTA asks for strict compliance with the handling of waste and hazardous materials. Fluid disposal containers are located in the YELLOW buildings in a A and B paddocks. It is suggested that you bring an extra closed-lid container to transport waste fluids to these buildings. All spills must be treated immediately. Trash and waste such as tires, batteries, fuel containers, etc., shall not be left at the facility. Do not place any petroleum products in trash receptacles.

If you will be ordering Nitrogen, a local supplier is available:
Matheson Sales
Mr. Vance Kollatschny
N2 will be delivered to the Fuel Depot location.

All nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, propane etc. must be securely fastened to a carrier and gauge cages must be used.

Fire Extinguishers:
Each competitor must have at least one (1) portable dry chemical fire extinguisher with at least a 12BC rating available in his/her paddock space and pit box area.

Packages shipped to the race track facility can be picked up the Maintenance Building. All packages must be clearly marked as follows:

Circuit of the Americas
Event Name
Team Name
Individual Name and Cell Phone Number
9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd
DelValle, TX 78617