Dennis E. Costich: March 25, 1941 – November 15, 2014

559624_10203430910476614_9095301493479516527_nThe last checkered flag was unfurled over Dennis Costich as he finished life on November 15, 2014. As a 20-year veteran Tech Inspector with SVRA, he performed his inspections with a serious attitude and respect for the safety of SVRA drivers. He will be missed by many an SVRA Entrant. His wife, Mary, spent a similar number of years as Paperwork Manager for track side Tech.

Dennis was instrumental in organizing the SFI Technical Inspections Training Program; the first such certified training for any vintage sanctioning body in the country. Always the first to Tech and last to leave, at 73, he was the “young bull” that always did the heavy work, setting up scales, or tearing down after the weekend.

Outside of his service to SVRA, Dennis had a strong sense of family worth and was known for his unselfish community service; delivering Meals-on-Wheels, supporting his Catholic Church family, the St. Vincent De Paul Society and the Boy Scouts of America. He provided tax preparation for seniors through AARP and was a Fourth degree Knight of Columbus. He will be missed by family and friends alike.

God Speed! If there are tech inspections required in Heaven, it will be a little safer with Dennis helping out St Peter’s Tech crew!

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