Important Information on Garage Rentals and RV Hookups at Circuit of the Americas

As the U.S. Vintage National Championship approaches we want to inform all entrants that a limited number of garage and RV hook up spaces are available. These spaces will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in either please contact Jon McKnight,, as soon as possible. Once all the garages and RV sites are assigned waiting lists will be established and should spots become available through cancellations or non-payment, they will be reassigned. Please note that payment for these services must be received before August 15th

The garages are fairly large and will accommodate 2-3 cars depending on their size and how much equipment you have. The rental cost is $500/day/garage and must be rented for the entire 5 days. There will be no partial garage rental. If you want to share the cost with one or two other competitors you will need to make those arrangements on your own.

These hookups include water and electric, are available at a cost of $100/day, and must be rented for the entire 5 days of the event. Competitors should be aware that this area is the only area of the track with RV hookups. See this map for the location (Full RV Hookup Camping). It is important to note that these spots are for motorhomes only. If you wish to remain connected to your trailer you may park in the nearby “H” parking area at no cost. Access to the infield and the track from the RV spots and parking area “H” will be through Tunnel 2.