Inaugural Issue of Vintage Racing Quarterly Distributed to Racers at Circuit of the Americas

Vintage Racing Quarterly is a magazine dedicated to the lifestyle of members of SVRA’s community, with articles focusing upon SVRA’s events, car culture, travel, art, and more. The first issue was included in the entrant gift bags at the U.S. Vintage National Championship at Circuit of the Americas, as well as mailed to SVRA’s members, sponsors, and race tracks.

VRQ has a lifestyle theme, a glossy and high-quality publication printed in large scale. The magazine includes top automotive writers such as Rich Taylor and Steve Zautke. The magazine also stands out by showcasing the extensive and expansive work of the many talent photojournalists who cover the sport of vintage racing. All of this has combined to make the magazine extremely appealing to racers and car enthusiasts alike.

“We are constantly working to find ways to continue SVRA’s growth, and this magazine is a part of that plan,” said Tony Parella, CEO and President of SVRA. “We are always focused upon enhancing the SVRA experience for racers while growing the organization.”

“VRQ’s goal is to make a connections with its readership through its focus on the greater world of vintage racing and the car culture. We have taken a new approach to how we cover SVRA events in print,” said Pam Shatraw, VRQ’s Editor-in-Chief. “We want to present the community through great photographs, interesting interviews, feature articles, artistic salutes and humor.”

The first issue includes interviews conducted with Bobby Unser and Al Unser Jr. during SVRA’s Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational last June, as well as an extensive interview with Parella in which he shares the vision which defines the direction of SVRA. Some of the departments featured quarterly in the magazine include:

Destinations: A fun-to-read feature offering travel tips and short narratives regarding the regions of the country where SVRA holds its racing events. Each area vignette reflects upon the food, the culture, and the history of the area, and offers some tips on great backcountry touring roads and other driving pleasures.

Hot Wheels: A profile of a new car that’s hot on the market.

By the Numbers: A unique, entertaining look at the club through statistics and data.

SVRA Legacy: A back of the book recalling, through imagery, remarkable events that have place over the 30 year history of SVRA and established the organizations traditions.

Art in Motion: Dedicated to profiling some of the great artisans who capture the essence of the sport through painting, photography, or other mediums. The first issue includes a profile of vintage racer and artist Nicolas Hunziker, whose painting of a Trans-Am car graces the debut issue’s front cover.

Magazines began shipping in October 5 and have received an overwhelmingly positive response. The next issue of VRQ is scheduled to arrive in January.