SVRA Announces Plan to Construct Permanent Tent over The Circuit of the Americas

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cota-domeThe Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) today announced a major project that is aimed to resolve a long-time issue that has plagued motorsports for decades: the weather. Construction on one of the worlds largest tents over the Circuit of the Americas facility will soon be a reality. The project, code named COTAdome, is the first of its kind and will likely serve as the prototype for other venues.

SVRA President and CEO Tony Parella expressed great confidence in the plan. The news is part of his growth strategy for the business.

“Controlling the weather has always been a part of our long-term vision to establish SVRA as part of mainstream motorsports,” Parella said. “Since we currently lack the technology to do so, constructing a giant tent seemed like the next best option. We are extremely excited about this plan. This is something we would love to see at every historic race venue- and depending on the success of COTAdome, we might try to make that happen.”

City officials have approved the plans and building permits have been issued for construction to begin shortly after April 1, 2016. Construction crews are expected to have the project completed before the U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship on November 2 – 6, 2016.

The project initially faced minor opposition from local residents that worried the COTAdome would create an eyesore and hurt property values. Plan opponents, who refer to the project as “Circus of the Americas,” are skeptical, but Parella was quick to reassure concerned residents.

“The tents are going to be world-class structures. We are hiring the best tent people in the business for this project.” Tony explained.

The tents were specially designed by famed French tent designer Hurler de Rire, who is known for his striking artistic creations. Hurler, also a vintage race driver, is looking forward the seeing his creation come to life.

“It has always been a dream to see my creations in such a large scale. This project combines my love for vintage racing with my love for tents and I look forward to being part of this historic project. This is my art, my soul, and my passion.” Hurler explained.

Construction updates will be posted regularly to and our Facebook page.

Tunnel 2 after strong storms wreaked havoc on racing enthusiasts in 2015.

Tunnel 2 after strong storms wreaked havoc on racing enthusiasts in 2015 (not pictured: dry land)

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