Radenso Named Official Radar Detector of SVRA

Global Leader In High-Performance Radar Detector Systems Joins Growing List Of Sponsors

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) announced today that Radenso, the world leader in small footprint, high-performance radar detection systems, has joined their flourishing fold of sponsorship investors in America’s premiere vintage racing organization.

“I can tell you I have one installed in my personal car and it keeps me on the straight and narrow,” said Tony Parella, SVRA president and CEO. “Their product is amazing. The unit’s footprint is so small you hardly know its there, but it is plenty powerful. I don’t get false alerts, but what’s more, as a businessman I respect the way they stand behind their product with guarantees and service like free firmware upgrades.”

The announcement extends a string of SVRA sponsorship agreements over the past eight months. Last month, Harley-Davidson partnered with the SVRA as the company’s official motorcycle. Other top-brand partners to extend their contracts or join the list of investors include Jaguar, Land Rover, Capital One Spark Business, NetJets, Mazda, Zenith Watch, Robert Talbott, Hoosier Tire, TRITEC, Safecraft and National App.

“As lifelong motorsport enthusiasts, racing is where we want to be, especially with SVRA,” said Jonathon Dandrow, Radenso president. “SVRA car owners and drivers appreciate high-end performance and want products that deliver in their cars. The demographic overlap here is perfect, and the imagery, as well as the spirit in the paddock and on the track, is an awesome brand fit.”

Dandrow stresses that Radenso is so confident of their products that the company offers a “ticket free” guarantee to reimburse any customer caught speeding while using one of their systems. He stresses that the Radenso XP product has ultra long-range radar protection, allowing drivers to slow to the speed limit before entering a monitored area. This includes warnings for camera-monitored traffic light intersections. Dandrow stresses that one of the most compelling product features is based on GPS lockout technology, making their product the “quietest” radar detector. This capability mitigates annoying false alerts from sources such as store security systems a driver inevitably passes by.

The SVRA’s success in attracting sponsorship investors is a cornerstone to the company’s impressive momentum. Company officials report consistent annual triple-digit growth since 2012. The SVRA has rapidly expanded from a regional activity largely concentrated in the southeastern United States to one that spans the continent at most of America’s top race courses. Just since the beginning of the year it has increased its schedule to include its first hill climb near the legendary “Tail of the Dragon” roadway in Western North Carolina as well as an exciting new open wheel format for its two-weekend extravaganza earlier this month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.