Royal Purple Named the Official Racing Oil/Lubricant of SVRA for the 2015 Vintage Race Season

Vintage racing fans and participants will see purple at Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) events in 2015 thanks to the presence of Royal Purple, the Official Racing Oil/Lubricant of SVRA. SVRA vintage racers and crews know that when using Royal Purple, their cars will receive performance benefits and protection similar to those experienced by top professional racing teams.

Under the terms of the agreement announced today, as the official racing oil and lubricant of SVRA, Royal Purple branding will be prominently featured at each of the 18 vintage racing events held across the country. At several of the SVRA events throughout the season, Royal Purple will also have its truck and hospitality trailer on site. Royal Purple lubrication experts will be available to assist racers and attendees in determining the appropriate Royal Purple products for their vehicles.

Royal Purple is an industry leader in the development of innovative, high performance synthetic lubricants and chemical products designed to outperform in a wide variety of applications. In addition to its premium line of synthetic oils for gasoline and diesel engines, the manufacturer offers a variety of top-of-the-line lubricants including gear oil, transmission and power steering fluids, oil filters and chemical products such as radiator flush, cooling system conditioner and optimizer, fuel system cleaner and fuel stabilizer.

“Royal Purple partnered with the SVRA because there is a natural fit with our brand’s premium synthetic products, and its members desire to maintain the integrity of their car whether on display or on the track,” said Royal Purple Vice President of Marketing, Leah Herrington. “By starting with the very best base oils and adding our own advanced proprietary additive technologies, we’ve developed products that not only provide unsurpassed protection, but also higher performance when cars are pushed to their limit on the track. Royal Purple is proud to be a part of the SVRA series, where history and unequaled quality go hand-in-hand.”

“We are committed to developing partnerships with quality, relevant suppliers. Royal Purple certainly fits that bill” said Greg Cooper, Director of Sponsorships and Sales.
“Sponsorship of SVRA’s 2015 race season makes Royal Purple a more visible, more competitive oil and lubricants company in the vintage motorsports market.”