In recent communications, we have shared the lengths to which NetJets has gone to protect our employees and Owners throughout the pandemic. We have also shared stories of how NetJets has partnered with our Owners to transport desperately needed personal protective equipment to frontline health care workers. As the economy begins to reopen and we prepare to bring employees back into our offices, we are eager to share with you our most impressive story to date.

On Friday, May 1, four NetJets Global 6000s departed for Shanghai, China, on a mission to return with half a million COVID-19 antibody tests produced by our new partner, Cellex Inc. Within a mere 36 hours of the aircraft departing Shanghai, tests were being administered to frontline health care workers and first responders in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. The Founder and CEO of North Carolina-based Cellex®, Dr. James Li, had this to say:
“Cellex is immensely impressed with and deeply appreciates NetJets’ leadership, professionalism, dedication, efficiency, and, above all, genuine empathy. These unparalleled qualities of NetJets enabled it to beautifully accomplish a mission impossible: at a moment’s notice, NetJets moved half a million of Cellex’s antibody tests across the Pacific to U.S. customers who had been anxiously waiting for more than a month.”
Thanks to our new partnership with Cellex, NetJets employees will have the opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 antibodies in the coming weeks—a measure that will support our continuing efforts to keep our employees and our Owners safe from this virus. Furthermore, NetJets and our pilots’ union, the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP), have partnered with New Jersey-based Quest Diagnostics® to make COVID-19 virus testing available to our employees at no cost to them. We are committed to testing 100% of our crewmembers initially and offering ongoing testing to anyone who travels to high-risk locations, has been exposed to COVID-19, or becomes symptomatic.

Both of these initiatives reflect our sustained commitment to keeping people safe in the air and on the ground. To that very end, NetJets’ investment in the safety of our employees and our Owners is unrivaled in our industry, and, even at a time of unprecedented financial strain on our industry, we will continue to take the steps necessary to support these critical safety measures.

Best wishes for good health and safe travels,
Patrick Gallagher
NetJets Sales, Marketing and Service