Technical Bulletin #TB2015-004 Stock Cars Regulations Update -Revised-

Subject: Stock Cars–SVRA Group 10
From: Roger Linton, Technical Director
Date: December 1, 2014

TB2015_004_Stock_Car_Updates [PDF]

As the SVRA has added a number of Stock Car appropriate events, we have seen increased participation from Stock Car specific organizations from around the country.

In reviewing the SVRA classifications for Stock Cars a number of changes have been made for 2015 to adjust for performance and the chassis that were run in period.

1). The SVRA Stock Car classification cutoff dates have been adjusted to reflect the most commonly used (performance based) periods.

(10SC1) NASCAR Cup/Busch Stock Cars (1980 and Earlier — Gen 1 and Gen 2 Cars)
(10SC2) NASCAR Cup/Busch Stock Cars (1981-1995 – Gen 3 and early Gen 4 spec Cars)
(10SC3) NASCAR Cup/Nationwide Cars (1996 to 5 years prior to Current Competition Calendar Year –Gen 4 Cars Only).

NO “COT” CARS – Gen 5 or Gen 6 Cars

2). A reminder that all Stock Cars must be equipped with MIRRORS that provide clear view to the rear and along both sides of the car. This has been a long-standing requirement of the SVRA General Rules and Regulations, General Race Prep, Item C.

3). We initially had considered mandating the use of the NASCAR 390 cfm carburetor to help solve the problems many of our Group 10 participants are having with the 10SC3 cars.

It has been demonstrated that it is not a cost effective way to solve the issue and we will not require the use of the NASCAR 390 cfm carburetor.