Technical Bulletin #TB2016-002 Online Car Info Changes

#TB2016-002 Online Car Info Changes
Subject: Online Car Info Changes
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director

TB2016-002 Online Car Info Changes [PDF]

There have been some changes with your online car information that need your attention.

Item 1: Weight

In order to streamline the weighing of cars this year we will be issuing Official Weight stickers for each car. The weight information will come from your car’s info page on the SVRA website. You must enter your car’s minimum weight, and then answer the 3 questions.

Do you have an Alternator?

Do you have a Racing Transmission?

Do you want to be weighed in the car?

Simply click yes or no and your total minimum weight will be calculated. There is another box that says Adjustment, this box is only accessible by SVRA and is for any extra Competition Adjustments plus or minus. These questions do not apply to all groups and or classes, the extra boxes are only available if they apply to your particular class.

Item 2: Wheels, Tires and Brakes

There are new boxes for Front and Rear wheel sizes, Tire Make and Model and whether you have Disc or Drum brakes.

Item 3: Prep Shop and Engine Builder

There are new boxes for you to add your Prep Shop’s name as well as your Engine Builder’s name. If you prepare your own car and build your own engines simply add your name.

Please update your car’s information before you get to the track.

All of this information will automatically be downloaded to your Tech Sheet for each event.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to enter all Information accurately.

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this request!

Now, let’s Race!