Technical Bulletin 2018-003 Stock Gas Tanks

Subject: Stock Gas Tanks
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director

TB2018-003 Stock Gas Tanks (PDF)

Any Professional Racing Series that has allowed cars to race with Stock Gas Tanks will now be acceptable to enter SVRA events. Please see the specific guidelines below.

– All cars that race with SVRA must be at least 5 years old

– All cars must be approved prior to entering an SVRA event

– All cars must have the original logbook from the pro racing series

– All cars must provide documentation proving they in fact did race in a pro racing series

– No cars without proper documentation will be approved

– Any car that has been modified in any way from the original pro racing specifications will not be allowed to race until an approved Fuel Cell has been installed

– It is the owners responsibility to prove the pro racing specifications with documentation

– SVRA will have the final say in approving these cars and their specifications

– There is no appeal process

Club racing and Track Day events that have classifications for cars using stock gas tanks are not considered a Professional Racing Series and are therefore not eligible to race with SVRA without an approved Fuel Cell.