Competition Bulletin #CB2015-002 Can Am and A Sports Racers Moved

Subject: Large Bore Can Am Cars–SVRA Group 10
From: Raymond Snowdon, Competition Director Roger Linton, Technical Director
Date: November 1, 2014

CB2015_002_CanAm Cars-Group 10 [PDF]

In the continued effort to provide compatibility and safety within Race Groups, SVRA will make the following Race Group adjustment:

Can Am and A/Sports Racing cars, as raced after 1967, ON SLICKS, (6.0 litre and above) and Center-seat Can Am cars, ON SLICKS, ( over 5.0 litre), that have run in:

SVRA Group 10/SR,
will be moved to and be included in:
SVRA Group 11/GTP1

The SVRA Group 10/SR has been discontinued.