Competition Bulletin #CB2015-001 Indy Lights Update

Subject: Indy Lights – SVRA Group 9
From: Raymond Snowdon, Competition Director
Roger Linton, Technical Director

CB2015 001–Indy Lights–SVRA Group 9 (PDF)

With the introduction of a totally new Indy Light car into contemporary racing, the question has risen as to the destination of the Indy Light cars that this new car replaces.

SVRA has examined the pros and cons of the Infinity Indy Lights Series race car being allowed to run in Vintage and Historic events. It has been decided that the Indy Light cars that are listed in the current SVRA Group 9 Description and Class List be the only Indy Light cars permitted.

The Infinity-engined Indy Light cars produced from 2000 and up will not be permitted to run in SVRA Group 9/F1 category.

SVRA may allow these newer Indy Light cars, on a case by case basis, as Invitational cars. These cars would be placed in the BOSS category and would not be eligible for podium, points or awards. The driver/entrant will need to request an invite directly from the SVRA Technical Director or Competition Director and may not assume that entry acceptance is granted until notified.