Competition Bulletin #CB2014-001

Subject: SAFETY – Roll-over Hoop and the Driver
From: Raymond Snowdon, Competition Director

SVRA Competition Bulletin #CB2014-001 (PDF)

The safety of all competitors is a primary concern to all of us at the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association.

During the 2013 season, it was observed by SVRA staff, corner workers and competitors that some open-cockpit competitors were competing with their helmets at or above the main roll- hoop height. SVRA spoke with a number of competitors in order to rectify this unsafe situation.

SVRA would like to remind competitors that, as stated in the SVRA General Rules and Regulations, under Safety Equipment :

“The top of the main hoop must be 2 inches above the driver’s helmet…”

It is easier to address this issue at the shop rather than at the race track.

SVRA will monitor this issue for the 2014 season and will take appropriate actions at the race track in the name of driver safety.