Gold Medallion Certification Program


SOUTHLAKE, TX (March 11, 2013) The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association is pleased to announce its latest initiative to provide competitors safe, fair, and fun racing. The SVRA Gold Medallion program is designed to provide Vintage car owners with the recognition and distinction that their car is prepared to an “as originally raced” reflecting the configuration of how the car would have competed when new. This program is designed primarily for vehicles produced from 1940-1980.

Over the past 30 years several Vintage Racing organizations have published car preparation rules designed to preserve Vintage race cars in an “as originally raced” condition. However, as time progressed, most Vintage sanctioning bodies have approved modifications for a variety reasons (cost, parts availability, safety, etc.).This has resulted in an ever-increasing number of cars competing that utilize contemporary engine, chassis, and tire technologies. As one change is approved, another is requested for the same reason. As a result we now see cars lapping 10 seconds a lap faster than “back in the day” and a very mixed group of “authentic” vintage race cars throughout the United States. Cars that are legal for one club, can’t run at the same track a week later

This has created some challenges for authentically prepared cars. The simple fact is that approved modifications have made it next to impossible for an authentic car to be competitive at most vintage races because the allowed modifications provide a significant performance advantage.

The SVRA Gold Medallion program will reward cars prepared to their “as originally raced” standard. We also are committed to enforcing our existing rules in order to create a safe and competitive environment for our racers but realize we can’t “put the genie back in the bottle” by taking away previously SVRA approved modifications. We believe that the development and implementation of the Gold Medallion program will incentivize competitors to prepare their cars so they can compete within a race group with other authentically prepared cars.

The Gold Medallion program will have a rigorous set of car preparation rules. Cars will go through a special certification inspection by the SVRA Technical team in order to qualify for this status. The car must have period correct interior, body, weight, rims, engine, ride height, transmission, tires and brakes. No modifications to any of these items will be allowed to qualify as a Gold Medallion vehicle. Engine displacement will also be checked as part of this process.

When a car has qualified as a SVRA Gold Medallion vehicle it will receive the following:

1. SVRA gold medallion log

2. SVRA Gold medallion decal to be placed on the windscreen of the car

3. SVRA Gold medallion certificate, with a signed copy of the certification documents

4. Placement in a unique Gold Medallion class within the SVRA standard race groups

The cost for the Gold Medallion certification is $250.00. This is a onetime fee to cover the cost to complete the inspection. A Gold Medallion application form must be filled out completely, a minimum of two pictures included, and copies of any relevant specifications and/or car preparation data should be sent to the SVRA Technical director, Roger Linton for review. Once this information is reviewed and approved, an appointment can be made for the physical inspection/certification of the vehicle at an SVRA race event. If a car is found not to be in compliance with the original specifications, the owner will have one year to correct the non-compliant items and the vehicle will be re-inspected at no additional charge.

It is anticipated that Gold Medallion applications will be available by May 1, 2013, and that inspection/certification appointments can be made starting at the July 11-14 Vintage Lighting Strikes Thunderbolt event at New Jersey Motorsports Park. SVRA believes that the Gold Medallion status will significantly increase the value of a vehicle while providing closer and safer competition at our events.

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