Technical Bulletin #TB2015-005 Motorola Cup Cars (SVRA Group 6)

Subject: Motorola Cup Cars Group 6

Date:   January 15, 2015

#TB2015-005_Motorola_Cup Cars

During our normal end of the year analysis of all group lap times, including those at non SVRA events, some of the Motorola Cup cars raised red flags.

To be clear, the appropriate run group for cars that ran the Motorola Cup series is SVRA Group 10 which allows more modern cars.

We viewed these cars as affordable and safe entry level vehicles that could participate in the more historic SVRA group 6 based on the heavy weight and lower power mandated by the original Motorola Cup regulations. These regulations are posted on the SVRA website under the Make and Model Regulations.

New paperwork will be required for all Motorola Cup cars for 2015.

Any car that has been modified to perform beyond the original Motorola Cup Regulations will run in Group 10 where the cars are more appropriate.