Technical Bulletin #TB2015-006 Formula Ford Rulebook

Subject: Formula Fords–SVRA Group 2
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director
Date: November 20, 2015

TB2015_006_Formula Ford Group 2 (PDF)

There has been a collaborative effort between SVRA and several Formula Ford clubs and experts from across the country in crafting SVRA’s new Formula Ford Rulebook.

The purpose of the Rulebook is to standardize the rules for all Formula Ford clubs and Racing Organizations in the US and Canada willing to participate, to create more racing opportunities outside of the local venues and to cut costs. The rules are simple and should make for some great racing among all 3 classes.

There are 4 basic changes;
1) Shocks
  FF, double adjustable non canister
  CF, canister shocks double adjustable only
  PCF, canister shocks multi adjustable
2) Aluminum head, approved for all 3 classes
3) Minimum weight, 1125lbs with driver, for all 3 classes
4) Spec Tire, Toyo R888 for all 3 classes

Please read the rules completely in order to maximize your fun at the track.

SVRA would like extend a huge THANK YOU to all those who participated in making this happen!