Technical Bulletin #TB2015-011 Group Changes

Subject: Group Changes
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director
TB2015_011_Group_Changes (PDF)

SVRA Would Like to Introduce Group 12
Group 12 Cars will use DOT approved tires or treaded racing tires as appropriate.
Group 6 GTU/GTO and MP cars have moved to Group 12.
As an option, Group 10 AP, BP and MP (with Treaded Tires) may run in Group 12.
Modern Production based Race Cars 5 years prior to today’s date. (Treaded Tires)

Please note; this new Group will not take away any track time from any other Group.

Changes for Group 10
The Group 11 TA cars have been moved to Group 10 and will be reclassified as GT4.
The Group 11 MP cars will be moved to Group 10 and reclassified into an appropriate GT class.
There is a new Stock Car classification called SC4 which includes later model cars.

Changes for Group 6
GTO/GTU and MP Classes have been removed.

Changes for Group 11
TA1, TA2, MP1 and MP2 have been removed

Groups 1 and 3
Headlights and passenger seats are recommended but not required and may be removed without a weight penalty.

Other Groups
Please review your Group Sheet as there have been minor changes to all Groups.

Best Regards, Rick
Now, let’s go Racing!