Technical Bulletin #TB2015-012 Car Weights

Subject: Car Weights
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director

#TB2015-012 Car Weights (PDF)

SVRA has conducted a survey with our membership concerning Car Weights and here are the results.

We asked 3 questions:
1) What group/s do you race in?
2) Would you like your car weight to include driver weight?
3) How much weight should be added for driver weight? 150, 175 or 200 lbs

57% of voters would like their cars weights to include driver weight.
186 lbs is the average combined driver weights polled.

The percentages by group represented a typical racing weekend reasonably well.

Group % of votes % Yes, include Driver weight
Group 1 13% 60%
Group 2 10% 58%
Group 3 17% 51%
Group 4 5% 62%
Group 5 4% 42%
Group 6 20% 47%
Group 7 6% 27%
Group 8 19% 36%
Group 9 8% 37%
Group 10 10% 52%
Group 11 2% 0%

Based on the results of this Survey, SVRA would like to offer the option of including a driver weight in 2016, if you chose to be weighed as usual (without driver) nothing will change, your minimum weight will stay the same.

If you choose to include driver weight, simply add 185lbs to your current minimum car weight. Example; if your car weighs 3,000lbs and you would like to be weighed with driver, your new minimum weight over the scales will be 3,185lbs.

These classes will include driver weight:
SVRA Formula Fords,
Stock Cars (10SC2-4)
Group 7 S2000 cars.

Best Regards, Rick
Now, let’s go Racing!