Technical Bulletin #TB2017-002 Simpson Helmet Recall

Subject: Simpson Helmet Recall
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director
TB2017-002 Simpson Helmet Recall [PDF]

APRIL 6, 2017

Simpson Performance Products Snell SA 2015 Certified Voyager 2 Helmet Recall

TO: All Simpson Distributors, Dealers and Consumers
FROM: Simpson Performance Products, New Braunfels, Texas USA
Date: April 6, 2017

Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 Image

Simpson Performance Products has recently discovered a potential safety issue with its Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 helmet. If the helmet’s chin strap experiences large tensile forces during an accident, it could detach from one or both sides of the helmet. This presents an enhanced risk of injury to the head should the helmet not be retained in a crash.

Simpson Performance Products is voluntarily recalling the Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 helmet due to the chin strap’s potential inability to withstand load forces on a consistent basis. The problem was discovered during testing with the Snell Foundation. We stress that no problems have been reported from the field in nine months of use but in the interest of racing safety, we are proactively recalling these products and providing our customers with a safe resolution. This recall applies to the Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 Model only, sizes Extra Small – Large with manufacturing dates in 2016 only (the only sizes sold and available to date). It does NOT apply to any other Simpson helmet models with Voyager in the name, i.e. NOT Snell SA 2010 Voyager or Snell SA 2010 Sidewinder Voyager, etc. It is only the Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 helmet as pictured here.

Sample Snell SA 2015 Label

USA Consumer Instruction:
STOP racing with your Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 helmet.

Call 1-800-654-7223 or email to receive a return authorization form for your helmet. Customers will need to complete this form and provide purchase information including when and where the helmet was bought and what was paid for it. The Email Hotline is available beginning April 7th, 2017. Simpson will handle all related shipping costs for the continental USA and replace the chin strap and then return the helmet as soon as possible. Domestic customers who choose not to have their Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 repaired will be offered a merchandise credit or a full refund via check. Call Simpson customer service at 1-800-654-7223 to receive freight information. The refund or replacement process will begin once your helmet along with purchase information is received by Simpson.

Reference: Snell Internal Certification Number

As a quick self-check to verify that your Voyager 2 is involved in this recall, refer to the two Snell Internal Certification Number Labels shown above and match one of those numbers to the internal label found sewn on the inside of your helmet, next to the size label.

U.S Dealer Instruction:
STOP selling Simpson Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 helmets immediately. Make arrangements with your Simpson customer service representative for instructions on returning the helmets for repair. This recall applies to the Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 Model only.
Simpson Customer Service: 1-800-654-7223

International Dealer Instruction:
STOP selling Simpson Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 Helmets immediately. Please call Simpson Customer Service for instructions.
Simpson Customer Service: 1-830-625-1774

NHRA Trailer Instruction:
The Simpson NHRA trailer will be equipped to handle this recall on site at NHRA races, beginning with the NHRA Spring Nationals in Baytown, TX, April 21-23, including replacing the chin strap or applying a credit towards an in stock helmet.

Safety and quality are our top priorities. We want to act fast and take the safest course while doing all we can to make this process as easy as possible for our racers. Please act fast also and to be extra safe, do not race with a Snell SA 2015 Voyager 2 helmet with a manufacturing date of 2016 until the chin strap has been properly replaced by Simpson.
Simpson Customer Service: 1-800-654-7223
Email Hotline Available beginning April 7th, 2017: