Technical Bulletin #TB2017-001 Rules Updates

Subject: Rules Updates
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director

TB2017-001 Rules Updates [PDF]

Spec Miata:

We will be hosting the Mazda Heritage Cup series for the NA Spec Miata’s within 5 events during the 2017 season, these cars will have their own run group and will not be integrated into the standard SVRA run groups for 2017.

The Heritage Cup Spec Miata’s will use the current SCCA rules and can be found at:


Some Group Rules, Tire Rules and Car specific Rules have been updated and will continue to be updated in the coming months, please check to see how these adjustments may affect your car or group.


General Rules and Regulations:

Official weight: Virtually all cars that race with SVRA have an official weight. The Official Weight must be met or exceeded at all times during an event. Unless specified, all official weights are taken with driver, exiting the track. Add 185# for driver weight to the specified car weight for total official weight.


  1. Cars with leaf spring rear axles may add axle control devices (traction bars) and may not enter drivers compartment without approved historical documentation. All cars with live axles may add a transverse locating device (Panhard bar, Watt’s link, etc.).

L: Fire System – Extinguisher
All cars must be equipped with either a fire system or a fire extinguisher. It is highly recommended that a fire system be installed. 2017 will be the last year for the Fire Extinguisher option; in 2018 all cars must have an onboard Fire System.

General Race Preparation (cont.):

  1. Cars with drive shafts must have a hoop or a structure to prevent the drive shaft from dropping and entering the driver’s compartment.

Safety Equipment:

B: Helmet
It is required that all drivers wear an automobile rated racing helmet of SA2010 or SA2015 or the equivalent FIA specification 8860-2010. “M” rated motorcycle helmets are not allowed. All drivers must wear adequate eye protection.

M: Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells: All cars, other than pre-war, must have a Fuel Cell that meets FIA FT-3 specification or equivalent SFI 28.3 specification. The Fuel Cell “Bladder” must be maintained according to the manufactures recommendations.

Tire Regulations:

Tires may have been added or subtracted from your particular group list.

Group 8 Tires:

Approved tires:
There are no specific sizes listed because of the large diversity of Group 8 cars.
All Group 8 cars must use similar sized tires to what was used in the day, which is pre 1973.
Using oversized tires is unacceptable and when in question, SVRA’s determination shall be the final word.

Avon: ACB9, ACB10, CR6Z
Goodyear Blue Streak
Hoosier:   Street TD & Speedster