Technical Bulletin #TB2015-007 FF Clarification

Subject: FF Rulebook Clarification
From: Rick Parent, Technical Director
Date: November 26, 2015

TB2015_007_FF_Clarification [PDF]

As the new guy and facilitating the FF Rulebook and writing my first Tech Bulletin I apparently have not communicated the changes clearly enough. I have received 1 angry, 2 concerned and 5 positive emails in the first day, also there are a couple of forums that are full of speculation and innuendos. So I will address the bulk of the concerns and comments here so everyone knows where SVRA stands.
One of SVRA’s main objectives is to grow the Sport of Vintage Racing to a nationally recognized Sport in the public’s eyes. One of the ways to do this is to make a place for the hundreds of mothballed cars out there to run, not just with SVRA but across the country. (Do not read RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG into this, as that will never happen). By creating the FF Rulebook the goal and hope is to allow more crossovers between Clubs and Organizations who are willing to participate with each other. I know we cannot make everyone happy but you can’t fault SVRA for trying. SVRA will be plowing some new ground and we will be taking some calculated risks from time to time, we know that mistakes are inevitable and are not afraid to own it when they happen. Here is an example; 2 years ago the Triumph Spitfires were placed into Group 3EP. These cars have a long tradition in F Production, the choice sounded good at the time but it just doesn’t work, so these cars will be going back into Group 1FP for 2016, lesson learned. Our apologies go out to all Spitfire owners who were inconvenienced by this decision and thanks for sticking with SVRA.

SVRA has no authority or desire to overlord or mandate anything that concerns Monoposto. Monoposto is a stand-alone organization that has been the Gold Standard when it comes to open wheel cars for years. The new FF Rulebook is completely separate from Monposto and has been built to allow FF’s from across the country to participate in more events. In group 2 the FF’s have two choices now, you may run the Monoposto rules as long as your car is prepared as such or you may run with the SVRA FF Rulebook. We will be doing Podiums for the Monoposto prepared cars as well as the SVRA Rulebook cars. I will update all the applicable documents on the Website to make this clearer. On a side note, all Monoposto approved cars are eligible for the Gold Medallion program.

Toyo Tires
To be sure, SVRA does not have a sponsorship agreement with Toyo and we receive no money from them, it would be nice but is simply not the case.

Country-wide FF Experts
Admittedly, I do not know every FF expert in the country, nor do I have personal contacts with every Racing Organization, please don’t be offended that I didn’t contact you.

Now that the air has been cleared, let’s go racing!