Tech Bulletins

Technical Bulletin #TB2015-002 Formula Fords Regulations

Subject: Formula Fords–SVRA Group 2 From: Roger Linton, Technical Director Date: November 1, 2014 TB2015_002_Formula Ford Grp 2 [PDF] SVRA Rules and Regulations are now being applied to all SVRA Events throughout the country. In order to better integrate various West Coast classes into this rule structure and to keep costs in line, some changes are being implemented. One of Continue Reading...
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Technical Bulletin #TB2015-004 Stock Cars Regulations Update -Revised-

Subject: Stock Cars–SVRA Group 10 From: Roger Linton, Technical Director Date: December 1, 2014 TB2015_004_Stock_Car_Updates [PDF] As the SVRA has added a number of Stock Car appropriate events, we have seen increased participation from Stock Car specific organizations from around the country. In reviewing the SVRA classifications for Stock Cars a number of changes have been made for 2015 to Continue Reading...
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